Friday, January 25, 2008

YouTube Blog


Yes in this blog I will be talking about my minor obsession YouTube. I can’t tell you how many accounts I have went through lol now I have settled on one and now I have to figure out what to put up for my own content.

So far I have two ideas:

Buy an acoustic guitar and try to learn stuff
Get my bass out of storage and brush up on my skills
Buy a Lightsaber FX and make some hilarious videos

Anyway as well trying to get viewed YouTube is also great for watching other people. One of my favourite people has just left YouTube though probably the second person I subscribed to girl who called herself Abbegirl. Blonde hot and funny.

I just checked again and mysteriously all the videos but one, which had been deleted, have now been returned guess there was something up with my subscription page.

Still I can still talk about her because she is cool, and totally gorgeous, I found her channel as a result of looking at stuff from Minouye no idea how I found his videos the first time. Anyway my favourite videos of hers had to be “Midnight Snack” and “Abbe’s Halloween”.

The second channel is Mririan. Big Anime eyes not a lot to say and even when she does speak it is in Japanese. What a strange American girl she is. Still as a YouTuber she is a phenomenon with 15k subscribers, which is a good start, and she is already well ranked in the monthly subscription races. The questions though are still lingering is she another lonelygirl15, the production values seem a little bit lower this time and one could assume she does not have anyone writing a script for her as she barely ever speaks. The speaking in Japanese though bit mysterious; though it is a language like any other I think it is more that we don’t expect a Caucasian teenager to be speaking it.

Anyway she is good looking (or just cute if she is underage) with those big eyes and her love of staring at the screen. So she will continue to attract new subscribers at least until she gets rumbled.

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