Thursday, February 24, 2011

Are Guns All Bad?

So guns are always a controversial subject just last night I was listening to BBC Radio Five and there was an interesting news piece on an ongoing case about students and staff wanting the right to carry  firearms on campus at a college in America. They have a website here and it seems to have some support behind it if they are getting bills introduced to be discussed at the state level where gun control is mainly managed.

It is an interesting idea to be allowed to carry guns at as university or college, the anti-firearm lobby will point to no end of mass shootings at colleges and universities around America while those in favour will point to other less well documented cases where students or staff were able to take down potential killers due to their own firearms.

Well I certainly won’t be able to convince you one way or the other but I thought it was worth a short discussion anyway thanks for tuning in people.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Current TV Schedule

So I know my readers (all two of them) keenly follow my interests and I do often talk about TV Shows so I have compiled a list of shows currently airing in the US that I follow. I am not saying they are the best ever but they are the shows that I enjoy.

The list is in no particular order.

NCIS: Los Angeles
Hawaii Five O
The Vampire Diaries
Pretty Little Liars
The Cape
No Ordinary Family
White Collar

Drop a comment if you want to discuss a particular show in more detail.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Beautiful Corner of the 'Net

So check this out I was looking through the Internet as men are oft times found doing. This site immediately leaped out at me as a very interesting idea explored. The site is called Half Asians and is dedicated to girls with part asian descent. This site immediately appeals to me as it cuts through the trouble of what is Asian which differs between the UK and US, in the US it generally refers to Japanese, Chinese, Korean etc. while in the UK it tends to mean Indian, Pakistani Bangladeshi et al. Half Asian correctly states that both of these groups are in fact Asian.

I have always been fascinated by Asian girls I find them to often be exotic, I am not saying that Asian girls are better looking than any other ethnic background but in my day to day life I generally see Caucasian girls both in the media and in person in my travels so Asian girls are something new and interesting. Those who know me might explain my preoccupation with redheads over blondes for the same reasoning. Anyway redheads are a story for another day.

Above is Shay Mitchell which you may know from Pretty Little Liars and she is a very hot Half Asian. Anyway enough gabbing from yours truly check out the site.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


So a quick Blog update while I watch last week’s Pretty Little Liar episode. 

[World of Warcraft]
So to be honest I find myself losing interest in logging into WoW and heading off on the grind of one type of another. Either it is the reputation grind on my level 85 Death Knight to play the ilvl game or it is the grind of questing and whatever to level up those characters lagging behind. At least PVP on my level 17 Shaman is kind of funny though I wish I had a few more instant cast abilities. I just need to learn the play style a little more perhaps?

I have even got tired of trying to expand my gold reserves. This is unfortunate so I hope cooling things down in Azeroth will lead to me coming back refreshed and enthusiastic at least I hope so.

[The Southern Vampire Mysteries]
I am really eating up this series as of now I am up to book 6 and working my way through that. While Sookie has turned out to be a bit of a slut the rest of the characters are very interesting especially Eric definitely a deeper more well rounded character than we see on True Blood even if that iteration of Eric comes in an exceptionally pretty package.

I definitely have this series in my Top 5 along with titles like Morganville Vampires and the House of Night series. I may not be the most well read of people but I am pretty competent about my Vampire related YA titles.

[St. Valentine’s Day]
Blatant commercial opportunism? A chance for couples to re-ignite their passion for each other. Who knows I certainly don’t as I have kept up my record since puberty of not having a significant other at this particular time of the year. Of course most of the rest of the year I am swimming in it, JUST SAYING. Anyway it would be somewhat remiss of me I think to not make at least some reference to this holiday. So I thought what better time than to go with shameless pictures of gorgeous actresses? As a result I have chosen these three such ladies for your consideration.

Janina Gavankar – I first saw her on the prematurely cancelled supernatural drama The Gates, you may know her from the L Word and you will be seeing her in the upcoming season of True Blood, I find her enchanting and she spends a lot of time on Twitter with her fans even doing a streaming of a recent photoshoot.

Shay Mitchell - *Fangs drop* She looks absolutely delicious. Currently heating up the screens on ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars a cult hit based on a popular book of the same name. Her appeal might be helped by the fact that her character is on the swim team and trust me ladies and gentlemen Shay looks the part with just that right mix of muscle tone and curves.

Emma Watson – Got be up there in the top 5 searched for celebrities on the Interweb you don’t need me to tell you what she is famous for and why she continues to stay in the celebrity buzz and will do long after the Harry Potter movie franchise fades into the background i.e. after the triple epic platinum 3D smellovision box set is released 10 years from now.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


The new BBC Sci-Fi miniseries about a human colony on a new planet and the struggle for civilisation. After catching the first episode I really wonder if I can bring myself to watch a second episode. The show is boring aimless and makes little sense at the moment, I know the UK have their own approach to show running but it always helps to drop a little origin or lore in the first episode so we know what the hell is going on. When you watch UK Sci-Fi you are often struggling to wrench the plot from little hints given to you, though to be fair the exposition in some US shows can you make you feel like the writers are treating you like an idiot so perhaps it is a difficult route to follow.

On second thought I really think I will try the next episode just to give it a shot I hope they open up the plot and maybe this time actually include some action of some sort to keep us interested. That is about it from me sorry about the short review.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sci-fi Saturday


So there is a new Sci-Fi offering from the UK coming to our screens. All about humans escaping to a new world after some sort of cataclysmic event on Earth. It even has one of the stars of Battlestar Galactica in it which I think might unfairly lead to comparisons being drawn. I have no expectations about this show and I am happy to give it a chance but the last UK Sci-Fi miniseries I watched “The Deep” was so incredibly boring and slow paced sometimes while watching it I thought I was moving backwards in time.

Still British Sci-Fi isn’t all bad Primeval for one is ok, Hex was fantasy but that come under the broad heading of Sci-fi and at the moment I can’t think of any others though after I press Publish I am sure my mind will start working again.

Collateral – Now I’ve been a Smallville watcher since the beginning back when we just used to call this Dawson’s Creek with powers and I have seen it go through some rough patches. However the return episode after the winter hiatus ‘Collateral’ is something to behold. It is one of the worst episodes of Smallville I have ever had the misfortune of watching not since ‘Noir’ have I wanted to stop an episode while it was being shown.

I know Smallville is on the way out but that is no excuse for this bad Matrix rip off attempt. This is the sort of stuff I expect to check out on YouTube from an up and coming independent film maker group although they were unlikely to get Allison Mack to do some awesome martial arts stuff.

Also we seem to be missing the rest of the members like Star Spangled Girl who we totally ignored. I despise lazy writing if you can’t explain what you did last episode maybe you shouldn’t have written that in the first place. Oh well I will put this episode’s awfulness up to the fact that it is a coming back from a hiatus and my expectations had risen during the break. I am sure the next episode will be a step in the right direction.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


NBC are pulling the last 3 episodes of The Cape from production, which by itself does not mean it is cancelled it says everything BUT that by this accident. You can check out the story here thanks goes to @flightwoman who we will be talking about later.

The Cape was the NBC Sci-Fi show that at least us Heroes fan saw as its replacement, well it certainly did not live up to Heroes beater levels. While that show definitely went south after the initial season the Cape started down in the dumps. While watching the show I was never sure whether to take it seriously or not and the storyline chaffs badly.

Summer Glau is just ok in it, I mean it is Summer Glau she is just gorgeous and the sort of woman you like at and in each new scene you find another aspect of her non traditional beauty that you find intensely appealing, her character however is overly simplified but that could be because of the early nature of the show, who knows in the second season we might really get to delve into why she seems to be the daughter of Chess and why he doesn’t recognise her on sight.

Noticed how I just skipped over the so-called star David Lyons it is not entirely his fault but he just doesn’t scream central lead to me and he isn’t helped by the plot, the cape is hard to accept as a superhero device and the interesting physics involved just don’t help matters.

I feel bad that a show like this is being cancelled but in my opinion it doesn’t take a genius to see that this was a bad idea from the beginning. I just hope that this won’t scare away networks from making sci-fi and fantasy programs. Shows like Lost Girl show that good shows can be made without US style budgets.

How did I find out about this it is all thanks to my go to woman for news and entertainment articles @Flightwoman follow her and although your timeline will take a beating from time to time the news stories she brings you will be useful and kind of cool.