Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Jiminy Cricket!

So TV watching is the main subject this time and I will be starting with The Wire. For those that didn't know the BBC are showing seemingly all of The Wire yes all 5 seasons at the rate of 3 episodes a week from beginning to end. At first I was not convinced but it definitely grew on me. I would rate it on a par with the first few seasons of Homicide: Life on the Street. The character base from season to season is huge and it takes a little while to remember names and back stories but once you do it is like an engrossing novel more than a casual TV show. I can't recommend it enough, you might think that it was ultra violent and nothing else but the level of violence is few and far between though intense enough when it happens.

In other TV related bloggings I got my hands on the first three episodes of True Blood. First impressions, well there is a... lot... of... sex and a lot of nudity. Past that though there is a fascinating story of a woman and a vampire. It is based on a book called Southern Vampire I think forgive me or correct me if I am wrong. It also has Vinny from Home and Away yes you heard me right, doing a passable Louisiana accent, well by my ears at least. So check it out if you don't mind the rated R content.

Extra-Bloggular news and addendums:
After an epic History's Strongest Disciple marathon which lasted for several weeks I am now up to date and anxiously waiting next week's fix. HSD or HSDK is a manga all about a young man who learns martial arts and undergoes hellish training to protect the things he cares about. It is one of my top mangas and easily up there with Bleach and Naruto and surpasses them in story structure it doesn't stretch a plot out like a piece of chewed gum as they often do.

Finally I am going to try to get a volunteer position at a popular fan website. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

WoW: Tut and double tut

My server is still down after Wednesday maintenance, 6 hours after it was supposed to be back online. The annoying thing for me is that there was no notification that there was extended work in the pipeline for our realm. For goodness sake it is not like we're a full server we're low and all our PVE guilds seems to be slowly leaving.

PUGs are a joke but you can't fix that in maintenance. Why do I stay you ask well because shifting 4 characters to a new realm is at once a lottery and a rather pricey option. If I move realms I want all my alts to go with me but even if just took 4 of them that is a ridiculous price just to take your chances in a new realm.

Anyway if other news getting closer to bagging a nicer connection through the old technology of the copper wire - yes a phoneline. More news soon bye all.