Sunday, January 25, 2009

I just saw this

In the words of Dane Cook


"Those who fail to learn history
are doomed to repeat it;
those who fail to learn history correctly--
why they are simply doomed."

Saturday, January 24, 2009


"Here's everything I know
about war: Somebody wins,
somebody loses, and
nothing is ever the same again."

A whole post about Kyle XY some family show on ABC (Trouble and BBC2 have shown it in the UK) you must be thinking that when it comes to teens and relationships that Skins is more your thing but you might be surprised by the quality of the storytelling in Kyle XY and the well roundedness of the characters. I compare it with say Smallville and cringe; I think the comparison is apt both about super powered teens learning to deal with those powers and relationships. Kyle XY manages it with well rounded characters that seem real in an implausible, I like Smallville I really do but for the first 3 or 4 seasons the characters were so wooden and one dimensional it hurt the eyes to watch the dramatic stuff and don’t get me started on Lana gaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!

The show didn’t get a huge media push didn’t have a big title behind it like Smallville or the Sarah Connor Chronicles, it simply had to swim or drown on its own with us the viewers knowing next to nothing about it beforehand. The first season was short if I remember 12 episodes in all and had equal parts of drama, comedy and action. The casting of Krajicek from X-Files worked well.

While Kyle XY is entertainment, it is from a family channel and is chucked full of those life lesson messages that were remembered so fondly when Power Rangers first premiered on our screens all those years ago.

The array of eye candy on show also helps now obviously I don’t know what everyone’s tastes are but I think the girls and boys of Kyle XY offer something for most of us. I find it hard to choose a favourite girl myself I am stuck between two for the top position. Andy Jansen (Magda Apanowicz) and Jesse (Jaime Alexander) very different I know but each with a unique wow factor for me at least. Magda doesn’t always look quite so young just check her out in her appearance on the short-lived Bionic Woman redux. Chelan Simmons is also worth a look but I used to hate her character, she is doing better now though finally a more rounded character.

All I can say is that I hope that the quality continues unlike some shows about people with unusual abilities.

Monday, January 19, 2009

What I have been doing

"If hope is the engine of the soul,
Then duty is the navigator...
And love is the fuel."

1. Writing a short story. How short you ask? Well at first I was thinking maybe 1000 words or so but who knew it seems I am a bit long winded in my writing and so I have left it open for now. I am trying to write a romance which is a change from my usual science fiction and combat/special powers based writing and it is set after the 2nd World War.

2. Applying for a really nice position at a prestigious University. A role that I could get my teeth into.

3. Going mad as a result of the ravings of various women who make no sense whatsoever.

4. Trying my hand at a level wheeling and dealing WoW style.

For now that is all of major note I am also working on a Twitter account but my connection is so bad it needs some work stay tuned for more details on that front at least. Hope you like the quote at the front, if you know it why not leave a comment as to where it is from.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

New York on the news again

Wow scary stuff man, just happened to switch over about quarter past 9 in the evening UK time. Information of course still piling in of course. Apparently it hit a bird??? Quite lucky in some ways could have been much more destructive if it had hit either side of the Hudson.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Level 75 and why Hollyoaks is fun


After toiling in Dragonblight for over 130 quests all of which were fun filled and rewarding I have achieved level 75 on my main (which for the uninitiated means the primary character I use on World of Warcraft.) I am still not finished in Dragonblight though rather unfortunately, I still have to finish some Wrathgate quests which gets you another achievement though it is not like I plan on collecting them at the moment best to head towards 80 first in my opinion.

I also intend to get myself a nice title once I hit 80 after the necessary grinding of course think I might go with the faction ones not sure which one yet. To think that I still have no sorted out my epic and cold weather flying yet.


Hollyoaks is a guilty pleasure I say I watch it to be fair I only catch about 20 minutes a week so it is hardly a regular thing for me but let’s be honest it features some of the hottest people on TV. It is responsible for the careers of one of the hottest British Actresses in my opinion one Gemma Atkinson. It also does what in my opinion what most soaps fail to do which is stay interesting while not being incredibly depressing.

Yes it deals with a lot of heavy stuff and I think the call this number stuff at the end is a good thing. The main reason I wanted to mention it is to talk about my current favourite actress on the show one Jessica Fox (great name I think) once the rock chick now a little less so but it looks like the storyline she is getting involved in is about to get more interesting we can only hope.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Facebook drives you crazy

Facebook is pretty great and leads to no end of good things. All those pictures of those females you know wearing "interesting" outfits (god bless costume parties). Also it is a social network like no other and in my opinion owns Myspace. Things like keeping in touch with friends who you may have moved away from even to other countries and also enabling people to make new friends.

There is a dark side of Facebook though and certainly spending too much time on there can drive you crazy. Now I am going to discuss my main problem with or related to Facebook and I wonder if anyone else has had the same issue. Consider for a minute your friend list, now I have a set of assumptions I will make such as you have been using Facebook for at least 18 months to have actually built up a friend list AND that you log into it at least twice a month otherwise in m experience all the more frequent users of Facebook would have given you up for dead in fb terms.

That in mind of those friends on your list a lot of them will be people who you won't see from day to day but you might like to message from time to time, maybe they are people you knew from a prior workplace or perhaps they are someone who you met more recently and would like to get to know better. The issue quickly becomes though that fb in this case is your only channel of communication you don't have their phone number and visiting them would be a bit hit and miss after all how would you know when they are in.

Needless to say it can drive you mad when someone you really want to talk to is not returning your messages and you then want to send them messages asking why they are going on to their accounts adding pictures leaving comments and not responding to your messages.

All that is left for the person concerned is to resist the urge to go full stalker mode and freak everyone out. Just as well tonight's episode of Voyager is all about the Vulcan way of life. Time for me to go live long and prosper.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Kirsten Dunst is kinda a Hottie

That gem of wisdom is something I noticed while watching "GET OVER IT". I should also mention that we get to see the acting umm talents of Sisqo in this particular Teen romantic comedy. Not seen it before but that scene with Kirsten and friend in bikinis does still manage to make the jaw drop just a bit. Though I still disagree with her as Mary Jane which is interesting as there is a redhead pseudo lead in Get Over It. Someone said that she was a redhead and just dyed her hair blonde constantly but they were not the most reliable font of celeb related info so I take that with a pinch of salt.
Anyway other than that I have been looking aty a wishlist of DVD goodies which currently consists of Firefly, Serenity, and the first two seasons of Heroes. In other relatd DVD goodiness I have borrowed the first 12 episodes of Full Metal Alchemist from a friend. So far it is ok not going to go with higher praise than that especially as it is still early in what apparently was a fairly long run.
In terms of animes I highly rate I would point to Death Note, Kidou Gundam Senshi, Vampire Knight. That is all I can think of at this particular moment but I consume a lot of Anime so I will undoubtedly think of more.