Sunday, January 4, 2009

Kirsten Dunst is kinda a Hottie

That gem of wisdom is something I noticed while watching "GET OVER IT". I should also mention that we get to see the acting umm talents of Sisqo in this particular Teen romantic comedy. Not seen it before but that scene with Kirsten and friend in bikinis does still manage to make the jaw drop just a bit. Though I still disagree with her as Mary Jane which is interesting as there is a redhead pseudo lead in Get Over It. Someone said that she was a redhead and just dyed her hair blonde constantly but they were not the most reliable font of celeb related info so I take that with a pinch of salt.
Anyway other than that I have been looking aty a wishlist of DVD goodies which currently consists of Firefly, Serenity, and the first two seasons of Heroes. In other relatd DVD goodiness I have borrowed the first 12 episodes of Full Metal Alchemist from a friend. So far it is ok not going to go with higher praise than that especially as it is still early in what apparently was a fairly long run.
In terms of animes I highly rate I would point to Death Note, Kidou Gundam Senshi, Vampire Knight. That is all I can think of at this particular moment but I consume a lot of Anime so I will undoubtedly think of more.

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