Saturday, December 27, 2008

Wow Stuff

World of Warcraft drives me mad at the moment. Any time I log onto my Shadow Priest who is currently hearthed to Dalaran I get a might frame rate of 5. Yes 5 it is like swimming through drying mud everytime I go there which has rather put paid to my PVP work at the moment, which is a shame because I would really like the PVP Helm to aid this whole mad rush to 80.

My Priest

Generally recently my framed rate has been rather dodgy recently which unfortunately meant I have had to change my interface to low graphic settings. Now my frame rate is around 45-50fps which is nice and quite flowing but the lag and the fact that I have no effects working tends to make things less fun somehow.

I know it is taking awhile for me to get to 80 but my new line has not been installed yet hopefully that will soon be dealt with. I hope. Really I do.

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