Tuesday, December 9, 2008

3/10 thats not good people!

That is how I assess things personally at the moment. 2 years on the scrap heap and jobs are drying up according to the news. I think I chose the wrong industries to work in. All the jobs seem to be advertised just because they have to be and seemed to be filled internally which I did see from time to time and heard about just by being within an organisation but I never knew it was to this level. That and the feminine bias towards the jobs in this industry and I do wonder. And if you think I am moaning and I should get on with it then get off my blog this is why it is here to vent about some things.

Still I am not giving up but the jobs are indeed getting harder to come by even just for applying for things though that is more of a time of the year problem then necessarily the global economic crisis. I need a job something to bring me back into a more routine way of life at the moment I am just drifting and I can't stay like this much longer.

I still have some hobbies that I get on with, several blogs on a wide array of subjects, writing stories and of course doing the whole forum and discussion thing online mostly Heroes in that case.

New Year

Well I am hoping that my Internet problems will be resolved by the new year so that should help in a number of ways and definitely will help to reveal the boredom. It also makes applying for jobs from sites much easier too when you are not worrying about the site crashing halfway through an eight page application.

Other Rants
Girls who are taken should have to wear T-shirts. Perhaps a bit autocratic I know but then maybe we can compromise and they can change their damn facebook details to reflect the fact would definitely lessen truly uncomfortable moments.

No Heroes and other TV reviews this time I am too upset about other things keep checking back though Heroes pauses for the Winter break soon so I will definitely be discussing what I think about the first half of the season.

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