Review Policy

Though Shaft’s Words is not primarily a book review blog I do spend a significant amount of time reviewing selected books that I have read. In 2012 I read more than 65 books and I included more than a dozen reviews on the blog including some collected to book challenges promoted by publishers. I am happy to receive books for review purposes subject to the policies below. 


  • I am interested in YA, detective, Sci-Fi and Fantasy novels. There is a link on the sidebar to my Goodreads site which lists most of the books I have read to help you in deciding whether or not I would be interested in your book.
  • I am especially interested in YA books with male protagonists or other books aimed at young males.
  • If I decline a request to review your book I would reply with my reasons for doing so.
  • I cannot review books in the middle of a series without having access to the previous books.
  • I reside in the UK so I would need the books sent here.
  • As a UK resident I will not actively promote US only giveaways and contests.
  • It is unlikely that I will review unsolicited review copies.
  • I would request that you contact me in advance before sending such copies out.
  • My review features an introduction giving details about the book, plot summary, why I was initially interested in the book and finally my thoughts on the book examples can of course be found on the blog.
This policy is subject to change so check back regularly. Any major changes will be highlighted on the front page.

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