Thursday, January 21, 2010

Facebook is really annoying

Why is it that people think that there way of thinking of something is the only way. That their description or definition of a given situation, word or phrase is the only one available on this wide world of ours. This for me is one of the reasons at least while I get into arguments with random people and acquaintances.

I'm guilty of it too I suppose but to a lesser degree as to be fair I am usually the one trying to let people in to the other side of the argument. Facebook is ... well I am beginning to hate it. Just seems to be a place for being nasty to people and getting away with it. Randomly deleting you from their list, kicking off with epic arguments over nothing really.

But enough with the negative let us roll with some good news.


Legend of the Seeker - Excellent fantasy adventure series got through the 1st season and left me chomping at the bit for more. Think of a more serious Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, there are some laughs but nowhere near as many as the aforementioned show. the character development is awesome and really makes you believe some thought went into each characters motivations and the change in their personality that these events have on them throughtout the show.

Did you check the last Heroes episode and by last I mean as they air in the US it was something else for those who are used to watching the show. Some different and something good I think.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Why only idiots like me play MMORPGs

[This will reference World of Warcraft a lot]

There are many things to consider and I will attempt to raise a few here :

Paying monthly in order to essentially gamble on the ability to perform your role in a situation i.e. running a heroic dungeon once a day over and over in an attempt to have an item “drop” then having to gamble against anyone else who wants that item whether or not it is designed for their class/role.

Having to take your chances in dungeons with people you know nothing about. And before you say just go with your guild or people you know, you have to PUG it to get those precious Emblems of Frost which due to everyone’s obsession with gear score means you won’t be getting access to them any other way.

Playing in a recommended server that suffers from a distinct lack of the opposing faction and a general player base that could be described as below average. By general player base I mean the ones not taken by the top progressive guilds, more the ones available to the aforementioned PUG system.

UPDATE: On the one crappy TV night where I can dedicate some more time to changing the role of one of my characters they decided to have an off schedule shut down and maintenance.

This is why I have gone back to reading as many books as possible.