Monday, March 30, 2009

The Death of News – All thanks to the BBC

Over the past few days on the BBC the lead news story has been pornography. Yes pornography no not them waxing lyrical about the effect it has on our youth, society or bandwidth costs no, all because the husband of the home secretary claimed expenses for it. That story bumped Militants attacking a police academy in Pakistan, it bumped the ongoing story of the takeover of the major Scottish building society Dunfermline by the UK government.

This is getting beyond a joke people when there is so much wrong with the world, scratch that too negative – there is so MUCH going on in the world that we cannot spend our time endlessly staring up our own collective noses tugging on these stupid pointless stories. This is the dumbing down of our society, come on between near blanket coverage of Jade Goody and now Madonna’s newest adoption controversy. The BBC is a public service broadcaster how can this tripe be in the public’s interest.

Bah I apologise for bringing you down I suggest heading over to who often has a refreshing take on news.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

I am unimpressed

I am so tired of this existence it is mundane without excitement or incident just a day to day grind that can be predicted hour by hour to almost infinitesimal detail.

What am I doing to get myself out of this you may ask well applying for any jobs I can lay my hands on I don’t have to tell you that the current climate makes that interesting at best and nigh on impossible at its worst. What I may tell you is that half the roles I apply to are in an industry I now know almost never looks outside of its existing staff to fill vacancies and that the interviews I often find myself attending are just a requirement of the law.

It is a bad joke and it seems I’m the butt of it.

I’m so pissed off right now I could go nuclear all by myself.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Girls - A Mystery wrapped up in an Enigma

So I was going to talk about girls in this post then I realised that I really don’t know enough about that particular subject to be indulging in any blog rants so instead I will be talking about women and me as that would seem more sensible. First thing first I never quite understand why people can be so set in their ways regarding types, you know the people who say they like a very set image of their ideal partner. From the picky, “I like tall blonde guys with muscles” to the just blame dumb “I only date footballers” it never ceases to amaze me how small minded people can be about something that could be as important as the person you spend the rest of your life. People need to get over themselves and take a look around.

Now an insight into the enigma that is me, I’m peroxophobic which means I’m scared of blondes (it is not a real word). I blame university and all the scary blonde girls there, not that they were scary looking indeed quite the opposite, which more often than not led to all sorts of problems. So now I generally find blonde girls to be very intimidating, my friends find it hilarious me not so much.

I often think about the difference between Antiguan and British girls apart from the racial makeup. I am not really in a position to comment though I was too young to fully appreciate it. And besides that I think most will agree that British women defy all explanation.

Well that is enough about that to think this whole idea surfaced on the my contention that sisters are often both hot but men can only notice one of them at a time to prevent our heads exploding.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The News according to me

Ryanair Air Hostess exposed as Porn Star

Ryanair Air Hostess exposed as Porn Star
First saw this story as a result of catching the Phil Defranco Show on YouTube. The thing that amazed me most is the fact that I listen to BBC Radio Five Live everyday. That is not over stating it as a rule I do, the only time that I may not is if I spend the entire day travelling, as radios and train don’t mix. Why did Five Live not have this story it is funny and interesting and so worth so much more time than one of those stupid “Scientists say” stories, you know like the ones where after 1.5 million dollars or pounds, 5 years and a 1000 subjects a research university comes out with the modern gem that if you eat Doner Kebabs regularly you may become fat. What? You’ve taken my breath away with the sheer importance of that little nugget of information.

Anyway moving on Edita Schindlerova is her name and her porn alias because let us be honest you ARE going to google her (for research purposes of course just to make sure the facts are right) is Edita Bente. And guess what she operates out of Stansted, Essex. COME ON! LOL. That of course will be lost on you outside of the UK but never mind.

Man killed at Airport in brawl

This happened at Sydney Airport and the news feed says that two biker gangs unexpectedly met and a fight with weapons broke out resulting in one man’s death and a number of arrests.

UK wants your TWITTER

I’m paranoid I admit it in no part likely due to my high opinion of myself combined with a firm belief that too much power vested in a government will render it corrupt and undemocratic but then that’s just my opinion I could be wrong.

We have Google taking pictures of our houses, our faces or belongings and then inviting us to bring our traffic to their site so that we can look for our own pictures to then demand they be removed? Publicity, marketing and traffic in one fell swoop all the way dropping the elbow of profit on any thought of people’s right to privacy. Google must be laughing all the way to the bank.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Kyle XY Finale

Kyle XY Finale

It was pretty damn awesome. It didn’t play like a finale which I think is a good thing and obviously symptomatic of the fact that Kyle XY got cancelled before the writer’s had any real chance to rap things up. If I had to describe what the episode felt like then I would compare it to the autumn break the halfway in a season where things come to a head.

We got a decent feature from everyone really except for Hillary. Declan shows us he is more than a failed jock and really pitches in. The final battle was… well epic is a word I would use and that twist at the end was something that I certainly did not see coming and it stops just at the moment where you are crying out for more. Even though things had been incredibly serious in this arc this episode as well as the rest kept in those humour filled moments to help balance things.

I was reading an EW article (just the article BOOOO to EW after savaging Heroes for no reason) and I think they are right in that Kyle XY despite its strong sci-fi themes did the family stuff best and allowed for shows like Greek and the Secret Life of the American Teenager to get out there. Unfortunately the viewers hadn’t stuck and the show paid the price.

I doubt I will ever find a show quite like it again and it follows in the footsteps Surface, Threshold and Firefly as those that have gone too soon, why is it always the sci-fi.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Reading List

Just what I am currently following and having fun reading through.


Team Medical Dragon

My Balls



Kidou Senshi Gundam

Friday, March 13, 2009

Here we are

I really don’t know about the BBC’s recent coverage of the recent killings of military and police personnel in Northern Ireland. I don’t know what their game is when interviewing Sinn Fein members they have been incredibly confrontational and trying to almost insinuate that they are somehow in league with these attackers. This is a time to tread carefully and I find myself questioning their treatment of their interviewees. This just seems to go along with my recent realisation of the BBC’s hand in manufacturing the news as opposed to what they should be doing which is simply reporting on it.

Speculation, speculation and more speculation it is like the early episodes of MuggleCast scratching around between the book releases. Whenever something tragic occurs around the world the BBC seem to pick at it like scab until it starts bleeding. There has to be better ways to report the news then just to rush in head first and make all sorts of accusations with nothing to back them up, there was a time at least I thought there was when investigating was all about the facts.

OK that was HEAVY. Onto lighter subjects now just happened to catch two episodes of 8 Simple Rules with Amy Davidson and Kaley Cuoco looking absolutely sinful. I really wonder where that show was aiming for having Kaley parade around in outfits like that, that girl could trigger puberty at 50 paces and Amy was even hotter in my opinion though very, very tiny. It is odd to think she is older she just has those cherubim good looks I mean wow she is nearly 30 o.O

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Thinking back now it seems almost silly that I did not expect that to happen. Kyle XY keeps going from strength to strength even if 3.07 was maybe a little slow the next episode definitely made up for it and two play together incredibly well. Again it is such a shame that after I viewed those two episodes it hit me that there are only two more episodes left. Jaimie and Matt are awesome in their scenes together it is really great to watch.

There is a campaign to keep Kyle going which you can find out about here not sure if it will work though. Jericho worked for an extra season after a huge campaign but then died a death again. Maybe we can work for a few movie specials to tie up the series in the right way. If we are really lucky we could get a season as a result of the global economic downturn - Sarah Connor Chronicles got renewed because it was cheaper than greenlighting a whole new series.

Get to watch some Heroes later so that should be full of awesomeness. C ya.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

WOOP WOOP It's the sound of the police

Lately in Essex there has been a bit of a rise in the presence of the police it seems. There was some sort of a gang that apparently kicked their way into a guy’s flat and undoubtedly did him some damage as well. This happened about a minute’s walk from my place and since then it has been like CSI Essex up in this place. Today got stopped on the way back from the shop and interviewed about it.

UPDATE: Had a visit from the pretend police today about the same incident as mentioned above. Well that is what I thought but it seems to have been a con. While one quizzed me on the normal stuff the other ones was taking down details of my appearance, apparently I’m the same race as the criminals involved. It annoys me that they came into my home on a false pretense especially after they had already taking down my recollection of the event.

Just one of those things I guess still waiting at the moment for my Heroes/Kyle XY fix after which you can probably find me debating plot holes at the 10th Wonder Forums. I am going to have to wait even longer for my Heroes fix as I’m going to wit for the UK to get catch me up I think at the moment that means wait for two weeks. But apparently Heroes in the US is taking a 1 week break in order to help May sweeps whatever that means. So hopefully it means that I will still be able to post my thoughts from time to time.

Lately though in televisual entertainment I have been watching a couple episodes of Gundam 00 Series 2 it is really an excellently written show and builds well on the ideals of the first season which sometimes came across as a little airy.

Anyway on the quest for eternal internet the search goes on and on. It REALLY should not be this hard but it seems that if you don’t live in a place for at least a year then you don’t truly exist but then the same thing goes if you don’t have a credit card so it is to be expected.