Sunday, March 22, 2009

The News according to me

Ryanair Air Hostess exposed as Porn Star

Ryanair Air Hostess exposed as Porn Star
First saw this story as a result of catching the Phil Defranco Show on YouTube. The thing that amazed me most is the fact that I listen to BBC Radio Five Live everyday. That is not over stating it as a rule I do, the only time that I may not is if I spend the entire day travelling, as radios and train don’t mix. Why did Five Live not have this story it is funny and interesting and so worth so much more time than one of those stupid “Scientists say” stories, you know like the ones where after 1.5 million dollars or pounds, 5 years and a 1000 subjects a research university comes out with the modern gem that if you eat Doner Kebabs regularly you may become fat. What? You’ve taken my breath away with the sheer importance of that little nugget of information.

Anyway moving on Edita Schindlerova is her name and her porn alias because let us be honest you ARE going to google her (for research purposes of course just to make sure the facts are right) is Edita Bente. And guess what she operates out of Stansted, Essex. COME ON! LOL. That of course will be lost on you outside of the UK but never mind.

Man killed at Airport in brawl

This happened at Sydney Airport and the news feed says that two biker gangs unexpectedly met and a fight with weapons broke out resulting in one man’s death and a number of arrests.

UK wants your TWITTER

I’m paranoid I admit it in no part likely due to my high opinion of myself combined with a firm belief that too much power vested in a government will render it corrupt and undemocratic but then that’s just my opinion I could be wrong.

We have Google taking pictures of our houses, our faces or belongings and then inviting us to bring our traffic to their site so that we can look for our own pictures to then demand they be removed? Publicity, marketing and traffic in one fell swoop all the way dropping the elbow of profit on any thought of people’s right to privacy. Google must be laughing all the way to the bank.

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