Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Week

Strike is over... WHERE ARE MY SHOWS!!!
Hey I’m very very happy to see that in all likelihood the WGA strike is over but me probably like most of you are wondering about how much damage has been done to the TV schedules. Living in the UK looking at the way that the US organises it TV scheduling gives me a headache. By the look of things having a quick look at a few news sites tells me Heroes won’t be back (which I knew from spending so much time on forums) and also it seems Chuck won’t be coming back till the autumn which is a real shame it is the first comedy show that I have deemed worthy in years most new comedies just seem to pass me by. Hmm thinking about it this also means that the Oscars will be ok if you are into your awards ceremonies.

According to Cash Peters the following shows that matter as edited by me are gone as in cancelled.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Absolutely awesome I really hope that Cash has got it wrong in this case and that it will stick around for a season or two I mean the hype alone got most of us prepared to give it some time and I like what I have seen so far. There was like a 2-month teaser campaign in the UK that’s crazy and unheard of in most cases.

The Bionic Woman
I didn’t think I would like this show but I do now maybe it is the British attraction I don’t know but I am sorry to see it go. It is interesting to note that Flash Gordon managed to make it to the end of its run but that is probably down to being on the Sci-Fi channel, it is a shame that networks can be so timid. Flash Gordon was actually pretty intriguing I rate it more fun than forcing myself through Smallville these days more Lana drama than I can manage.

A guilty pleasure but no more apparently this one has called it quits too.

You know what they are still doing that inquest thing, biggest waste of money I can think of at the moment soon to be eclipsed once the national ID scheme goes ahead though. Diana’s death is one of those incidents people either buy the cover story or they won’t simple as that no amount of hearings will change that. It is best we just let it drop of the news radar surely.

Nope not the little bloodsuckers but something else entirely. Apparently hearing loss begins in your twenties so this one security expert guy made a siren that only young people can hear and has successfully marketed as a way of keeping children away. I say children the public would call them ‘scum’, ‘feral youths’ or ‘ne’er do wells’ ok maybe not the last one but I’m feeling a bit old school. I was just surprised that this technology existed I honestly thought it was a joke for awhile.

And that’s the week that was. Goodbye and be safe.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Random round up

Back once again people sorry about the wait. First of does anyone want a chicken strip? No… they’re spicey. Hmm more for me then, anyway on to it. I live in the UK I think it says on the side and the mood of the nation right now is well just a little bit down. Actually a LOT down. The economy and the mortgage rates problems are really starting to scare the public and have an actual effect too like in America the amount of repossessions are up. You take that and couple it with Northern Rock and we are lucky that they are not rioting in the streets.

People are talking about recession not that it affects me my main concern is procuring full time employment which in my view is just a s hard as it always has been. Slightly annoyed too had to turn down some part time work as the people who wanted it done called me the morning of, to somehow get to the place of work which is 40 miles away in around half an hour which was just stupid.

I’m still waiting to here about a job I applied for I will definitely be mailing them on Monday. It is a joke how companies treat people who are just trying to get a job, I was told that I would be informed regardless of the result 2 weeks ago and nothing.

This girl is going to be huge.

That’s enough of the negative, recently I have been just beginning to see past the surface of YouTube. Getting involved as much as I can without ay decent equipment, I have been branching out from the mostly Harry Potter related stuff that I look at to some music artists and the 5awesomegeeks channel.

ZOMG! Shaft is on the TV.

Not with Richard Roundtree at the helm but Samuel L Jackson. I caught it myself awhile ago it is an alright film, very different from the original but hey times have moved on.

Anyway that is enough for now.

Monday, February 4, 2008


40 minutes waiting for the doctor after BOOKING an appointment the week before. Add to that not being paid last week because between two departments they managed to lose a sheet I hand delivered to them.

Grr x100

Anyway had a Subway sandwich and some Subway cookies. Do they have Subway cookies in America or are they like muffins instead? Hmm that is indeed a question worthy of deep thought.

That is my day my catch up on some American TV later and then this week maybe do an update of the American shows that have been on maybe even talk about that Smallville episode.

(ED. Why are the blogs getting so small)

Saturday, February 2, 2008


Well to be fair it is not the first or even the first one that I appear in but this one is the first proper YouTube formatted one if you know what I mean. Do I want to be famous? Nope infamous might be an option though. Really I just want to post a few vids get a subscribers that came to my channel just because something in the videos interested them and then after that try to take over the world.

Other YouTube news in my opinion these videos/Channels are awesome like Captain Awesome (10 points for those of you who know who I mean).

tokenblackchic Fighting back against the haters

sooz5 A great idea that I hope to post a reply to

jerryhcooke A reply to the above video

Britney in trouble again
In other news Britney has had her father put in temporary control of her affairs which when I thought about it, I was like “WAAAAAAAAAH” that is huge and really bad. I have had dark days but probably not as bad as that and I certainly didn’t have the whole world sitting back and watching me do it. Britney get well soon and prove the haters wrong.