Monday, June 28, 2010


So tonight we have two of the stalwarts as I just thought of this idea and I didn’t want to start too weird. The two powers we have then are Super Strength and Telekinesis. I shall try to highlight the pros and cons of each and then leave you guys to decide which is best.
SUPER STRENGTH - well I am hoping this one speaks for itself but to be fair it needs to be put into some sort of perspective and given some sort of lower and upper limits. Consider Captain America who took the super soldier serum to attain peak human physical condition. Now those of you familiar with Cap might assume his powers are more than just human but they are just upper limit that everyone is capable of if they were trained since like the age of two and never even looked at a pizza. Consider Batman and the various iterations of Robin they are similar characters but they reached their supreme levels of fitness through rigid training.

TELEKINESIS – the ability to move objects with your mind. Cool huh? Anyone with the geek gene tries it out the old Jedi flick of the wrist when you go through automatic doors at the supermarket. You know I’m speaking to you dude don’t pretend you don’t do it even now at 35. Now my chosen example of who best shows off what TK (look I shortened it) is Sylar. It may not be the power he started out with but he certainly knows how to use it with all the head slicing and cool stuff. Few characters have shown the level of dexterity with telekinesis that Sylar has which is impressive considering comics have been doing it for more than 50 years. Other users of telekinesis you may be familiar with include Jean Grey from the X-Men.

Pros of Super Strength
Dude you’re totally lifting a car above your head. Punching through concrete with your bare hands. Leaping tall buildings in a single bound as long as you are careful not to break your legs.

Cons of Super Strength
You think you could do all those handy things like you see Superman doing catching falling debris and lifting tanks by their turrets. However that is not how it works in the real world and this is what powers do you want. Superman has this strange yet ridiculously handy aura of invincibility that gets extended around things when he lifts them, that is how he can do things like grabbing planes by the wing and not having them snap into pieces at least in the comics.

Pros of Telekinesis
I’m moving that can of Mountain Dew with my mind! I am the winnar! For those of you with an expansive mind telekinesis is like four or five powers in one and has one huge advantage over something like super strength, the ability to strike at range. You’ve seen all those star wars games.

Cons of Telekinesis
You are still your normal squishy self, a good chair to the back of your head will still put you down in a heartbeat or that bully guy you really want to take revenge on could still beat you into mash potatoes if he gets the drop on you. TK is all in the mind that means you need to concentrate. It is remarkably easy to break someone’s concentration, harsh words, sudden flashing of body parts, taunting stuff like that will do it all the time. Hey if you got some Norwegian death metal that will do it to.

So the choice is yours leave a comment or hit me up on twitter.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Just stuff

So it is Friday evening around 9pm and I’m settling down to watch The Mentalist on Channel Five. My day has been ok not too much in the way of pain and I got myself some beverages, which is always appreciated. Amanda Righetti is one of the most beautiful redheads on TV she plays Van Pelt on the aforementioned The Mentalist. Other than ogling those of the flame haired persuasion I recently found out about some job applications I sent out unsuccessfully I am afraid so it is time to get back on the proverbial horse.
Have you checked out Castle yet? I kept on seeing the ads for it so I thought it was worth at least checking the pilot. After all Nathan Fillion is quite a charismatic screen presence (I only saw Serenity not the series myself) I must say I was impressed the show is instantly catchy. Stana Katic makes a great foil to Nathan and the two of them have a lot of screen chemistry and Castle’s family are great whenever they are on screen too.
I have been voting for people on Television Without Pity and one of the categories was something like best bad ass and I had to go for Michael Westen of Burn Notice. The link is there if like me you follow the tweets of an actor or actress and want to show some love. However considering Burn Notice I find it hard to believe it started on the USA Network, I mean is it just me or is that show a how to for terrorists or enemy agents. It is more like a university class than a how to guide, it tells you how to turn a microwave into a bomb in broad sense not a step-by-step guide. The show is also damn funny far more than a lot of so-called comedies out there

Friday, June 18, 2010

BOOK REVIEW - Strange Angels by Lili St Crow

So my latest book I picked up as the result of browsing the books in WH Smiths. The blurb on the back sounded reasonable so I decided then to check it out later. I finally got my hands on it a couple of weeks ago. This is a peak time somewhat for book releases that peak my interest, the new House of Night came out like a month ago, the successor to the Percy Jackson series is supposedly coming out soon and I think Dark Flame the latest in the Immortals series is out next week. Enough about the future let us consider this book.

For some reason I thought this book might be self-contained but like a lot of the Young Adult Paranormal stuff it is the first in a series. The book centres on a young woman named Dru and her dad who fight the things that go bump in the night. Yes you may be thinking it now and you definitely will if you read it that this feels so much like Supernatural someone somewhere should be calling a lawyer. I kept on thinking Sam and Dean would put in a guest appearance to gank some monsters but strangely it never happened.

The story takes a while to warm up but once it gets there things get pretty interesting pretty fast, the only thing I tend to hold against it is the way Dru flashes back to her past, it happens too often for my liking and sometimes confuses things. The argument could be made that as the first in the series this needed to drop some serious back story down in preparation for the rest of the series but I wonder if that could have been handled differently.

While the Supernatural yes with a big S as in the TV show continues throughout the book a hint of possible romance and indeed a love triangle eventually emerges but just about does not detract from the story itself, which continues to move along nicely.

If you like Supernatural this would be worth your time.

Overall I give it a 4/5.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

iPhone already pre-ordered out?

All day I have been reading twitter statuses of people bemoaning the Apple site falling over and failing to deal with the number of requests for pre-orders for the iPhone 4. Later apparently the site just stopped taking pre-orders for it entirely. Now personally I just think it is all part of the Apple plan for conquering the universe. In this case it is just to whip up a hype storm though others disagree. Hey personally I’m no fan of the iPhone but I can understand why people might want to go down that route. My issues include the formerly exclusive network deals which lead to all manner of rip off deals and the hefty price hike when it came to the UK which was just a bad joke.

People are losing their minds over it. Perhaps though to be fair if I was in a nice settled job with a decent income I would be more caught up in the wave of consumerism but I’d probably rather a Nokia x6.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


My first love in terms of interest is pretty much TV I think with books quickly gaining ground and not in front only because I can't find a damn House of Night fan (preferably female, cute if possible) within 60 miles of me. Anyway before those two vied for my affection music was always pretty important to me especially for that like 3 years or so when I used to DJ regularly.

I do not often write about music it can be a damn controversial subject if you doubt that try looking on the profiles of teenagers on any social networking site who proudly list (often in paragraph sized chunks) their favourite bands and then decry anything outside of that narrow sliver of musical creativity as either crap or artistically bankrupt.

I sort of turned my back on music in the sense of the modern stuff. Too much of this my music or no music stuff is about at the moment and without satellite stations the lack of choice as to what genres and styles you can follow led me to take the initial step back. My music choices are somewhat eclectic I used to join in on most trends around me like when Garbage blew up in a big way in high school and after that the move into Nu Metal but lately I tend to not follow the trends. I must be getting old or something.

I find Lady Gaga frustratingly catchy for the most part but I can’t say I am constantly playing her album. To name a few of my more random likes, well random when compared to my peers I would probably count things like my love of soundtracks. I played the first two Ally McBeal albums to death and beyond. Then came the initial Buffy The Vampire Slayer album I do love my TV show tie-ins I guess. Later came Once More With Feeling that I often used to sing around the house.

So while I am not once again all about the music I thought I would highlight a few songs I listen to or used to lose to endlessly in the past. Usually the common sense thing would be to link to the music video in question but thanks to YouTube and its foolish rules that is denied to me as a UK resident so I will try to link some covers or live versions instead.

Dunno what I will talk about next so stay tuned.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Quick News Post

Prescott, Ariz., elementary school to 'whiten' image of child in mural

Things in Arizona seem to be heating up. Is this a case of political correctness gone mad? I am not so sure but everyone is entitled to their own point of view like the councilman mentioned in the article.

I just thought this was worth posting but I don’t have much else planned to appear. In my other activities I have cut back severely on World of Warcraft play just because I got mostly bored and frustrated by things and also I decided to move social networking sites and to try one I had left alone before.

I speak of Stickam, a very strange place indeed which perhaps I will discuss more in my next post but no promises.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I was thinking about a News Post

But the events of today well wow they really put things in perspective. It may not be huge news all over the world but it certainly is here. This is the BBC coverage. This is not the kind of news story I usually like to post on as I usually go all sarcastic and stuff. The only thing I can say for such a horrible event is that maybe next time when we in the UK cover another shooting in America we can maybe be a little more understanding and a little less "See guns are BAAAAAD" in the end of the day if someone wants to do damage to their fellow man they won't let a little thing like the law stand in their way.

That is all for now next post probably to follow fairly soon.