Monday, June 28, 2010


So tonight we have two of the stalwarts as I just thought of this idea and I didn’t want to start too weird. The two powers we have then are Super Strength and Telekinesis. I shall try to highlight the pros and cons of each and then leave you guys to decide which is best.
SUPER STRENGTH - well I am hoping this one speaks for itself but to be fair it needs to be put into some sort of perspective and given some sort of lower and upper limits. Consider Captain America who took the super soldier serum to attain peak human physical condition. Now those of you familiar with Cap might assume his powers are more than just human but they are just upper limit that everyone is capable of if they were trained since like the age of two and never even looked at a pizza. Consider Batman and the various iterations of Robin they are similar characters but they reached their supreme levels of fitness through rigid training.

TELEKINESIS – the ability to move objects with your mind. Cool huh? Anyone with the geek gene tries it out the old Jedi flick of the wrist when you go through automatic doors at the supermarket. You know I’m speaking to you dude don’t pretend you don’t do it even now at 35. Now my chosen example of who best shows off what TK (look I shortened it) is Sylar. It may not be the power he started out with but he certainly knows how to use it with all the head slicing and cool stuff. Few characters have shown the level of dexterity with telekinesis that Sylar has which is impressive considering comics have been doing it for more than 50 years. Other users of telekinesis you may be familiar with include Jean Grey from the X-Men.

Pros of Super Strength
Dude you’re totally lifting a car above your head. Punching through concrete with your bare hands. Leaping tall buildings in a single bound as long as you are careful not to break your legs.

Cons of Super Strength
You think you could do all those handy things like you see Superman doing catching falling debris and lifting tanks by their turrets. However that is not how it works in the real world and this is what powers do you want. Superman has this strange yet ridiculously handy aura of invincibility that gets extended around things when he lifts them, that is how he can do things like grabbing planes by the wing and not having them snap into pieces at least in the comics.

Pros of Telekinesis
I’m moving that can of Mountain Dew with my mind! I am the winnar! For those of you with an expansive mind telekinesis is like four or five powers in one and has one huge advantage over something like super strength, the ability to strike at range. You’ve seen all those star wars games.

Cons of Telekinesis
You are still your normal squishy self, a good chair to the back of your head will still put you down in a heartbeat or that bully guy you really want to take revenge on could still beat you into mash potatoes if he gets the drop on you. TK is all in the mind that means you need to concentrate. It is remarkably easy to break someone’s concentration, harsh words, sudden flashing of body parts, taunting stuff like that will do it all the time. Hey if you got some Norwegian death metal that will do it to.

So the choice is yours leave a comment or hit me up on twitter.

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