Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Redheads are The MOST fun - Top 5 TV Redheads

I have heard all the stuff about blondes coming out on top but for me it has always been redheads. Having spent most of my time growing up on a Caribbean island there were few cute redheaded white girls around to notice so most of those I saw was through TV. So in keeping with that I have decided to devote this post to the gorgeous redheads of TV and film. So sit back and read on and see if you recognise anyone.

Now let us run down the Top 5 TV and film redheads as decided by the Shaft’s Word Blog.

At number five we have Christina Hendricks. Now when I say that name most people think of Mad Men a hit TV show in the US that is pretty well known here in the UK, the rest of the people are probably just swooning. I think it would be remiss to the fact that Christina has a rather eye catching body with some quite frankly unbelievable curves but she can act too which always helps. I never caught Mad Men myself can’t deal with what BBC2 actually have the balls to describe as scheduling, she came to my attention as a recurring guest star on Life the cop show staring Ginger God Damian Lewis.

Moving on to Number Four!
8 Simple Rules do you remember that show, tragic because of the death of John Ritter and remembered by a lot of young men for the emergence of one Kayley Cuoco seen on Charmed and then Big Bang Theory. But Kaley is a blonde although a hot one so who is in at number four. Amy Davidson is that’s who, the younger sister on the show who was older in real life but whatever just because she was shorter. Yeah Kayley’s character was the eye candy but if I had to date one it would have been Amy Davidson’s character, great body and that lovely hair.

New in at Three!
Cute, sweet the definitive girl next door in a strawberry flavour Molly Quinn. Currently appearing in Castle which is a great police drama featuring Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic. Molly is the youngest redhead appearing in our top five and I think she is destined for great things.

Now onto number two
Probably my first crush on an actress I first saw her on Cybill all those years ago. Any of you out there who watched it when it ran as opposed to reruns have my respect. I speak of course of one Alicia Witt. She is just stunning definitely the sort of celebrity that would leave me tongue-tied if I actually ever met them.

Number One aka TEH WINNAR
My guilty TV pleasure for probably more than a year was one Relic Hunter. People in the UK are likely to remember that well one reason I like this show was the comic relief in the form Lindy Booth who played the secretary for the first few seasons before being replaced. Her replacement was beautiful but couldn’t hold a candle to the flirty, air headed, boy crazy thing that Lindy pulled off. I’ve seen her in some horror movie awhile back but I can’t recall the name and I really remember her from catching Relic Hunter daily during the week.

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