Sunday, May 31, 2009

Guild Politics and being bored of LAG

So been back on World of Warcraft, back to the grind of the Tournament, fishing and levelling Blacksmithing for me. It is good to be back on to be honest been missing it as I've been ill this past week.

In Achievement News added a few new things like titles and such.

More Guild stuff one of our top members has seemingly joined another guild with her main, it seems her first character has been retired perhaps we really can't leaking members.

Earlier before I went out we did some VOA runs, 10 man new boss with a tank PUG guy and we pulled some horrendous DPS the first couple runs I think only one person went over 2.5k and I came last of the DPSers on the last one we were certainly not much better with maybe another one person over 2.5 but I was happier because I came 2nd which was as you can imagine with an armory like this

My O2 Mobile broadband connection is not good enough for WoW I am thinking basically none of the current ones are unless you are in London in a low use area or something it cannot be relied upon. Don't worry though I hope the phoneline is coming in but it will take some time. I want to play Warcraft the way it is meant to be played where lag does not make things ridiculous.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I live

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronciles CANCELLED
Official word out from Fox that is indeed a crying shame the season finale really stoked things up and led everything in a very strange direction. Though to be fair with the new movie it was always unlikely that both would be allowed to exist. You can almost see Hollywood as a Hutt creature feeding on all its past idea in a futile attempt to survive. It is a shame.

IN OTHER NEWS: Been badly ill for about a week now and just managed to finally get to the doc's yesterday so still got a while before the symptoms which includes a pretty useless leg begin to fade away. Not to mention the amount of housework I have let slide while I have been ill :o(
no fun at all.

MANGA LIST: Naruto 390+ and My Balls (Yes it is as pervy as it sounds)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hey hey

Been away for awhile sorry about that.

Smallville Finale - Was pretty good as it goes to be honest. Generally I don't think much of the overall quality of Smallville episodes as bad, the writing can be woeful and the character development is horribly handicapped by the fact that we all know what happens to the Man of Steel in the end. Chloe is interesting sometimes and to be fair with Lamuh away for a bit Lois is a lot more fun.

Really wanted to see Star Trek not sure if it is too late now though. Unfortunately currently I am very ill and not sure when I will recover so annoying it being a bank holiday for me at least because it means I have to wait that much longer to see the doctor.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

She can't take much more of this Captain!

MPs Expenses
Not news unless it is actually illegal and I suspect around 90% of it isn’t. Yes it is ugly and shows off the negative aspect of people using power for their own advantage but no worse than the excesses of premiereship footballers. We have Pakistan threatening to implode with things not much better in Afghanistan. I think it was 10 pages in whatever newspaper broke the leak. 10 pages! Really is that how peaceful and serene the world is now? I should be able to put my feet up and stop worrying about our impending doom. Funny though today in the House of Commons to have the speaker talking so passionately about the right to privacy, just wish the MPs would have paid more attention to that in the past.

Obama and the cover up
So much for change people as the President steps in to prevent the release of more images of prisoners being abused by American soldiers. Once again citing the danger to American military as the reason behind it.

Personal Note: I find myself watching X-Files and at the moment and it is amusing how often we see Mulder and Scully running from men with guns. They’re the FBI surely they are supposed to be running to those kinds of people. From X-Files we move to Fringe which is a truly awesome show just thought I mention that.

And why is Twitter down for goodness sake. Internet isn't free people.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Back from Beyond

I checked this out at the cinema this week and it clarified several things for me. One it is DEFINITELY worth paying 3 times the price and waiting till I am in Chelmsford to go to the cinema when placed against using the local cinema. I can’t be dealing with full cinemas especially when they are full of obnoxious idiots who can’t STFU while a movie is on.

The other thing I learned is that if you really love a character than the people at the movie studio will cut out the characters soul and gorge themselves on it like a pack of jackals leaving the results well… barely watchable. Poor Deadpool when I heard they were casting Ryan Reynolds I thought back to him in Blade Trinity where he basically played Deadpool.

Oh yeah nearly forgot Cyclops power is a concussive blast with the potential power to punch through a mountain. That last part is probably hyerbole though the point is though it does not give off heat it is force, so no he could not start a fire with it for instance. It is interesting that they almost seemed to switch powers with Gambit who has been show to have the ability to cause the explosive blasts in the past at least.

Heroes 3.24 + 3.25
The last two episodes of this show befuddled me greatly. The finale I really did not like and “I AM SYLAR” left me with this nagging little voice that said that there was no way the finale would be recovering from this episode. As you know I am a frequent contributor to the forums for Heroes over at 10th Wonder Podcast. I just don’t know what to say or do about Heroes anymore the characters just seem to do anything and go totally against character. Glaring plot holes are driving me mad, Nathan dead? Nothing Claire’s blood couldn’t heal but somehow we forgot about that. I could on and on but I want to get this blog out there.

Battlestar Galactica - Finale
YES I know I am coming to the party late but such is the shortcomings of living in Europe. I thought the ending was pretty good all in all. I can’t claim to have easily understood all the themes and idea of BSG sometimes it really threw me for a loop but in the last season I felt things were a little tighter and I especially loved the half season finale (I think it qualifies as one) was deliciously brutal. I kept watching a lot of the time mostly for Baltar as he was such an interesting character who only sometimes for me acting totally out of character. His redemption was interesting and ultimately believable for me and it was interesting to get that insight into how Caprica managed to get the secret info.