Sunday, May 31, 2009

Guild Politics and being bored of LAG

So been back on World of Warcraft, back to the grind of the Tournament, fishing and levelling Blacksmithing for me. It is good to be back on to be honest been missing it as I've been ill this past week.

In Achievement News added a few new things like titles and such.

More Guild stuff one of our top members has seemingly joined another guild with her main, it seems her first character has been retired perhaps we really can't leaking members.

Earlier before I went out we did some VOA runs, 10 man new boss with a tank PUG guy and we pulled some horrendous DPS the first couple runs I think only one person went over 2.5k and I came last of the DPSers on the last one we were certainly not much better with maybe another one person over 2.5 but I was happier because I came 2nd which was as you can imagine with an armory like this

My O2 Mobile broadband connection is not good enough for WoW I am thinking basically none of the current ones are unless you are in London in a low use area or something it cannot be relied upon. Don't worry though I hope the phoneline is coming in but it will take some time. I want to play Warcraft the way it is meant to be played where lag does not make things ridiculous.

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