Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What the heck is this... monthly?

I know I know it has been an age. Yes and once again it is down to financial troubles along with the net. Can't complain too much though because after a time of being quite ill I have been enjoying good health for awhile and the flat is slowly but surely looking at least a little less cluttered. It still though has a long way to go until I can be happy with it.

In the world of entertainment I have had to cut out the anime totally because of bandwidth reasons which is indeed a shame. I did however before the ban pick up Shangri-La and watched the first episode. It looks pretty good I must say has an interesting theme with the carbon markets, sounds boring but its not.

In other news been playing too much World of Warcraft indeed I actually look to clearing up the flat as a way to break up the monotony of 15 dailies a day, I weep for anyone who has to do 25. All I can say is I really hope that on the weekend I can break up the monotony of course that remains to be seen.

The only other thing I can really tell you about in the exciting life of yours truly is that I've been applying for more jobs one London one and a more local one. Going to be doing more after this and making a slight change to my CV which requires updating a fair few websites.

So that is me signing off you guys have a good day.

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