Saturday, July 18, 2009

Adventures in Burger Flipping and other stuff

So got some money on at the beginning of the week so I decided to do some more creative shopping than I am used to. The main aim of this was to procure finely sourced ingredients for Shaft’s Big Daddy Burgersä. Yes they sound tasty don’t they? Anyway in my amazing travels I was unable to pick up what I viewed as the most important important – red cabbage. I would probably have had more joy at some kind of market but I only checked supermarkets, still managed to pick up my red onions though so that is a start.

Managed to prepare the first draft of Shaft’s Big Daddy Burgersä that night which went pretty well but did more dressing in the form of vegetables and maybe the preparation times of the different parts of the meal need to be reconsidered.

Broadband Baloney
So this week after transferring the required funding to my credit card I went to re-up my O2 broadband but joy of joy it bounced. Called up O2 customer service like it said to onscreen, they can’t help don’t know anything about the payment gateway and why it does the things it does. Their advice try it again, or the best one yet try another card because we all know how abundant people’s collections of cards are in these troubled times. Can I get a credit card from someone else? I don’t truly believe she meant for me to rob someone but she seemed rather blasé about getting someone else’s credit card for my use.

Now I find myself watching the Saturday Night B movie o Sky3 though not complaining as the one before was funny, a strange mix of environmental propaganda with alien conspiracies.

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