Saturday, March 7, 2015

GAMING POST: The Salt Is Real

Picture the scene the weekly Fighting Game Tournament - Ultra Street Fighter IV being the game in question. This week one of the established Top 3 of the tournament is in attendance so things are going to get competitive. I made it through the first round but the second round brought the Top 3 guy and of course that meant it was on.

Tournament details and write-up can be found here
Venue: Xtreme Gaming

I went with my main Chun Li and he picked Cammy and things were going good with a solid win in the first round but it looks like I peaked too soon as I went on to lose dumped into the second round of losers. So yeah OK that was a loss and it stung but then I got drawn against my nemesis of sorts a Rolento player.

I don't know what camp you fall in whether you think Rolento is one big backward rolling, gimmick laden, online curse or an interesting character but he drives me mad, it becomes so much worse online as his moves go from hard to punish to pretty much invincible if you suffer any latency at all. This was of course and offline tournament so that is no excuse in this case but again despite a bright start I found myself losing in straight games.

Then the salt flowed, I'm not the kind of guy to go smashing my controller against the nearest wall or throwing my club into a pond but that didn't mean I was any less annoyed. I managed to beat that Rolento the last time we played and there were moments against Cammy where I didn't maximise my opportunities.

Still in the end the only way you can deal with this is train, train, train until you reduce the errors and turn those losses into wins so I'll hopefully be there next week playing better and winning more. The only thing that could be thought of as a positive was my win at the Skull Girls Tournament where I was expecting to go out first round.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

GAMING POST: Gaming Journal let's talk about

I haven’t written a great deal on here about video games but it is something I have taken a greater interest in. Through taking part in activities such as the regular Fighting Game Event at Xtreme Gaming and following YouTube Channels like and Capcom Fighters I have really got into the community which is so much bigger than I expected.

I had heard about competitive gaming through things like Starcraft mostly just hearing various tales of it being professional over in Korea and it being well respected there I only knew that because I played World of Warcraft so the marketing just sort of washed over me every year during the Blizzcon hype.

All this was years ago and I never really thought that much about it I liked WoW fine but wasn’t really that much of a Starcraft fan only having played the first one a little while I was at College. It wasn’t until later just from following one person who shared my interest in anime that I found myself getting into the Fighting Game Community.

So you can now follow a little of my progress on Fighting Games on my preferred game of the moment Ultra Street Fighter IV on my gaming YouTube Channel. Views and Likes appreciated as well as any thoughts.

Next time let's talk about my limited experience of Events in the FGC.