Thursday, August 23, 2012


Where I tell you about the podcasts that I have taken a shine to. For me a good podcast should be something you can listen to while getting other stuff done, for some it is hitting the gym but for me it is more likely to be trying to sleep or playing World of Warcraft. 

A Song of Fire and Ice is in my top 5 of book series so it was always on the cards that I would be on the lookout for a podcast about it. I had heard about the Game Of Owns website for awhile but when I saw they were making a podcast I decided to try it out. The format is fun covering the episode itself as well as more general news and related stuff.
The makeup of the panel is good too a mix of fans of the books, people who have started the books and those who have just seen the series. Did I mention they are funny? Believe me they are, not to mention their enthusiasm shows through the podcast.

This podcast pretty much sold itself I am a huge fan of The Vampire Diaries and I was willing to give The Secret Circle a chance. It is a fun discussion podcast and really gets into the details of each episode and deconstructs them. Also I can recommend the two shows in one podcast as a model it makes for interesting comparing and contrasting.

I came to this mainly because of one of the hosts also being on Game Of Owns. I’ve just started it but it is really about friendship, it sounds cheesy but it isn’t. It is a group of three young enthusiastic professionals that talk about things they like.  It is difficult to explain it is easier just to take a chance and listen the episodes are short and punchy which is a welcome thing.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

World of Warcraft: More Money Mischief

Yes, next month Mists of Pandaria will be shipping or downloading as the case maybe so I thought I would bless the general public with my amazing plans and tactics for generating some gold  and hopefully not get caught napping.

First I will talk about storage. After all it is pretty hard to do stockpile stuff if you have nowhere to put it (some people use the mailbox storage method but that is not for me). Bank slots are just not enough if you want to make an impression a guild bank will help lots and is easier to deal with (though not necessarily cheaper) than getting loads of profession bags.

I have two guild banks and two of my characters. One is a level 1 with 4 tabs and the other is a level 7 with 5 tabs, the second one cost me a cool 10k but I think it was gold well spent as I have decided that stockpiling is a better idea than trying to go into MOP with a large bankroll. Not that I don’t intend to gather as much gold as possible.

So now you got all that room surely you need something to put in there.  Here are my ideas they may not work for you, heck they may be completely wrong but every little helps:

Netherweave cloth – I love the Shattered Sun Offensive and I like to use it when levelling alts. Combine a daily run with through Heroic Magister’s Terrace (still not got the phoenix or the Chocobo) and the result is oodles of the stuff. Uses include Netherweave Bags, Arcane Dust and Imbued Netherweave Bags.

Saronite ore – Stockpile when cheap (on my server that is less than 70 silver each). Saronite shuffle still has its good points. Infinite Dust still sells well 3-5g each, bars can be sold at a profit and transmuting to Titanium can even yield decent profits.

Herbs – Cataclysm herbs are reasonably cheap now 30g a stack so I grab them up as I can find them. I am also levelling a Druid with skinning and herbalism so all the cheap herbs she picks that won’t sell I send into the banks to be later turned into Inks.

Obsidium/Elementium ore – For me whichever is the cheaper is worth picking up. My main use for this is as enchant fodder as the gem market on my server is pretty much kaput. I will be prospecting in order to gather the gems needed for the first few levels in Jewelcrafting post MOP launch after all every little helps.

Saronite is SCARCE
Yep somehow it seems the saronite ore market is a little tight which has resulted in the price going up 500% and seemingly being sustained at that level. I think this has to be at least slightly down to the release date confirmation and people getting ready in their own way. Or it may be the dupe stockpile running out. Who knows?

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


So today I managed to pick up some additional storage space in the form of a level 5 guild. Bit pricey but I feel like it was a solid investment in the long run. Pretty much cut my investment capital in but now I am going to spend time farming mats to hold onto when MOP hits then start spreading around the AH hoping to take advantage of all the fresh and returning blood.

How are you continuing to prepare for MOP?


Looks like Blizzard are giving those of us interesting in the gold trade little wriggle room to get out of levelling archaeology. Something which I have gone nowhere near but not I see it is linked to one of the Factions, and the one that gives you the updated belt buckle plans.

As if making more than half the decent pets available for real money wasn't enough of a kick in the teeth. It would be nice if someone could remind them that they run the subscription model despite all the evidence to the contrary.