Thursday, August 23, 2012


Where I tell you about the podcasts that I have taken a shine to. For me a good podcast should be something you can listen to while getting other stuff done, for some it is hitting the gym but for me it is more likely to be trying to sleep or playing World of Warcraft. 

A Song of Fire and Ice is in my top 5 of book series so it was always on the cards that I would be on the lookout for a podcast about it. I had heard about the Game Of Owns website for awhile but when I saw they were making a podcast I decided to try it out. The format is fun covering the episode itself as well as more general news and related stuff.
The makeup of the panel is good too a mix of fans of the books, people who have started the books and those who have just seen the series. Did I mention they are funny? Believe me they are, not to mention their enthusiasm shows through the podcast.

This podcast pretty much sold itself I am a huge fan of The Vampire Diaries and I was willing to give The Secret Circle a chance. It is a fun discussion podcast and really gets into the details of each episode and deconstructs them. Also I can recommend the two shows in one podcast as a model it makes for interesting comparing and contrasting.

I came to this mainly because of one of the hosts also being on Game Of Owns. I’ve just started it but it is really about friendship, it sounds cheesy but it isn’t. It is a group of three young enthusiastic professionals that talk about things they like.  It is difficult to explain it is easier just to take a chance and listen the episodes are short and punchy which is a welcome thing.

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