Monday, September 3, 2012


So I'm a follower of US politics so I have been trying to keep my eye in so to speak and especially now as it is Convention time. I am a fairly new but wholehearted embracer of online content so in addition to checking out The Daily Show and Colbert Report specials I have been checking out the Philip Defranco/SourceFed coverage. I like it but then it is definitely left of centre and therefore may not appeal to all. I have found it to be a lot more serious and responsible then maybe I was unfairly expecting.

So I definitely recommend taking a listen, I also have to give them props for trying to explain the basics and the more advanced issues and terminology in American politics, I learned a lot.

So does politics matter to you?

This has been a quick post, might start to do them this way instead of procastinating for hours over them.

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