Monday, September 10, 2012

TECHNOLOGY: Emma Watson Blowing Up Computers LITERALLY

So if you’re my age then you might remember when X-Files was HUGE partly because heck everyone loves alien but mainly because everyone couldn’t keep their eyes off on Gillian Anderson. At that time she was the one of the most searched for terms on the Internet.

Now when I think of internet searches Emma Watson is definitely one of those in the top 10. Unfortunately the star of Harry Potter has had her name subverted by cyber criminals sending anyone searching for Emma on the internet to fake websites or websites with all manner of malware.

Cyber criminals have no honour how can you subvert something as beautiful as this.

Or this.

In order to slow down my computer with spyware or a damn keylogger. This should serve as a reminder to keep your anti-virus and firewalls up to date and let them cycle through their scans regularly.

BIG THANKS TO @anglophenia for the story.

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