Thursday, September 13, 2012

Syfy and Sci-Fi Movies

So over the last few days after the death of my gaming laptop I have found myself watching a few more movies than I normally would.
quantum apocalypse Pictures, Images and Photos

Quantum Apocalypse is just one of the seemingly dozens of disaster themed movies or which I have watched a fair few. Generally Syfy-created movies are mediocre but rarely bad in my opinion they just don't have the budget to do the actual Sci-Fi stuff like with aliens you see or stuff set on alien worlds that is when the movies start to fall on the wrong side of cheesy, their disaster stuff is generally pretty good.

For me though the real reason to check it out was that it featured an appearance of one Gigi Edgley who I first saw on Farscape as Chiana. Now it may surprise you to know that I tend not to film-stalk the actors and actresses I like the most, one because even on an actor by actor basis that can become a WHOLE LOT of movies and also simply because just because I like the fan oriented image of that person doesn't mean I'll love them in every role and I am very picky on films.

Anyway before I get into THAT let me just say that the movie was pretty good held my attention and didn't do anything that made me immediately facepalm. Gigi played a rock star scientist who helps save the world, the writers made her way over the top quirky but tone it down as the film progresses, I definitely appreciated the outfits she wore.

The second movie I thought I would mention is Red Werewolf Hunter.

Felicia Day with weapons? And I'm sold seriously though I had seen this come up a few times in movie searches and when I looked at Felicia Day's IMDB page AS YOU DO. This is an OK film again but you can see its limitations like the two locations and the distinct lack of people. The plus points is Felicia and Kavan Smith from Eureka but I couldn't really recommend it in the way that I could Quantum Apocalypse.

So this is what I have been up to while trying to figure out how to get a new computer. Talk to you later.

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