Friday, January 20, 2017

It has been much too long - TV Post

But I am in fact still here just not taking the time to update this blog as much. Let's rectify that with a little post about TV.

There has been a lot of new TV in this new season and I initially took on a lot of new shows and decided to write this about the shows I've hit pause on:

The shows I am not currently watching are:

  • Shoot The Messenger
  • Incorporated
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • The Romeo Section
  • Between
  • Longmire
I'm no TV critic and for the most part these are all solid shows but after watching most of them I just wasn't enthused with them. 

I saw an episode of Shoot The Messenger after going to MCM London Comic Con and seeing one of the stars talking about it. It is more dramatic than I usually go with dealing with racial tensions and the press and things like that. Just hasn't grabbed me so far maybe I might grab an episode next time I have a big trip.

Incorporated is Sci-Fi but not my kind of Sci-Fi it didn't grab me when I wrote about it. The first episode was a bit of a snore fest and was more about the evils of mega corporations than actual Sci-Fi. Pilots are notorious for being slow and boring when compared when the rest of a show's run but this one gave me absolutely nothing.

The Big Bang Theory is on my to watch list but I usually marathon it at the end of the season's run to see if there is actually something worth watching like the return of Alessandra Torresani. 

The Romeo Section is a spy drama that is heavy on the interpersonal drama of normal people cultivated to be spies on people they are involved with. This is one of those Canadian TV shows I like to keep an eye on. I have seen three episodes or so of it and it is a great show that I don't fully appreciate, It is the first of these shows that I would recommend.

Between is this crazy little thriller seemingly joint Canadian/Netflix production about a town that becomes the centre of an outbreak. I loved the first season but I just haven't had the time or the inclination to make the time to see what the second season has to offer.

Ah Longmire one of the few times a show has prompted me to go and hunt down the books. The show is great but I missed when it came back two seasons ago and I am probably halfway through that season. I'm not sure if I'll ever catchup.

So what do you think about the shows I'm sleeping on? What shows have you given up on this season? Or what shows will you wait to hear the fate of before jumping on? Answers in the comments would make my day.