Saturday, February 21, 2009


Good god how did I manage to do it again. St. Valentine's Day is a dangerous time it seems especially when I go all romantic in my old age. Unfortunately the object of my crush is taken, and more unfortunately that is not the first time that such a thing has followed a declaration of interest. Well just got to pick up my pride and move on I'll live =o)

Other than that next month there is a Wizard Rock event that I would like to check out but it is in Cambridge which while it is in the same region as me does not feature good transport links so I think I will have to stay over and catch a bus or something to get back. Never been to one before so my head is a buzz with questions like what should I wear and will anyone anywhere neaer my age group be there. Nothing like HP events to make a young man feel ancient.

Anyway for now let's have some entertainment this song is EPIC

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

OHMIGOD - Kyle XY is off da HOOK

=o) I know it is a silly title, nevermind. I am up to Kyle XY Season 3 Episode 6 and all I can say is WOW WOW WOW and I am not taking about gaming here people. The last episode blew my mind and had me blowing my nose from all the crying. The writing has stepped up after lagging a bit in the middle for me anyway. I remember the first few episodes when things where just getting started with Kyle walking around naked and learning to pee which was hilarious stuff as well as his first interactions with the family especially the kids.

Now we have things moving along nicely especially tonight with the huge confrontation goodness that took long enough to come along didn't it. I still can't believe it is ending and so very soon too. I just hope the stars from here go on to other successful shows. I want to see Magda and Jaime regularly on a top show and heck I hope the guys do well too.

So moving on mostly looking forward to Heroes Episode 3 of Fugitives, once again with Heroes in full swing I just find myself being the question questions questions guy but to be fair I get to head over to the forum and talk about my theories and theres and debate why I am right, which I hope I am more than I am wrong =o) I also want to see Burn Notice now that it is back but I will have to wait.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Too much blogging?


Still no Heroes on the horizon it seems which is a shame the first two episodes are EPIC and could do a lot to revitalise the series in the UK although not sure if it needs it here compared to the battering it takes in the US from time to time. Personally I think the BBC should be striking now while the iron is hot and going with the big name international TV show to help their ratings.

Kyle XY

Still ending I am afraid it will be on in the US tonight. For me it is still all about the Kessie ladies and gentlemen. Also last episode was excellent and featured no Amanda too had me crying like a baby for most of it.

Burn Notice

Sneaked back onto the scene. If you didn’t know this is a spy story with a difference with Michael Weston as a spy who gets “burned” (losing all his standing within the covert world) and his quest to find out who sold him down the river. It is now in its second season and going strong. From what I have heard it is critically acclaimed hopefully that does not mean it will get cancelled soon.

The Shield
Coming back to UK screens tonight (unless it was already on a Satellite channel and I was not paying attention) still it is definitely worth a watch so I will be tuning in and maybe eating a pasty.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Well well well

Not posted in awhile so sorry for that it has been cold and snowy but mostly cold.

Just been seeing some more about Zimbabwe it seems to me that the world just forgot after Tsvangirai decided to try and make a go of things with Mugabe which was to me the wrong mistake but I do not believe that the international community gave him much choice and now his minsters are being imprisoned again yet we can go into Iraq and Afghanistan because we can't ignore people in need, well that is what the Western leaders would have us think.

Now at the moment I am trying to sort out some broadband, living in the UK you would think that it would be fairly straightforward but when you add in that I don't have a phone line at my penthouse suite :o) and things get very interesting. If you need a phone line installed (i.e. there was never a phone line or the line was stopped) it will cost at least £100. Then you need a broadband provider who nearly all want you to have a BT line which is great when a BT line costs £140 to install with a 12 month contract at £10 a month, I am sorry I don't own my place and I could be gone in 6 months or even less so why am I going to sign up for a year. I am hardly the only person in this predicament it is just so stupid it makes my eyes hurt.

I will update you in a couple of weeks to see if I will ever achieve broadband speeds.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I am still reeling over the passing of Kyle XY into the ether but here comes another programming decision closer to my shores that seems equally idiotic. The BBC Heroes website is still listing Heroes as coming back this year which to me sounds quite some time away when it is so generic. If you didn't know this Monday marked the US premiere of the 2nd episode of Volume 4: Fugitives or episode 15 in normal currency.

How long are the sci-fi or Hayden Panetierre obsessed fans going to wait when they are easy ways of getting access to Heroes in the here and now rather than waiting for BBC2 to catch up. It is hard enough in this global age when you are following Greg Grunberg or twitter and have US facebook friends who might accidentally spoil you. The viewing figures when Heroes comes back will suffer badly and then the BBC will let someone else take over and it will probably be off to Satellite.

Tv as we know it is surely on the way out and the networks here at least don't seem to know how to deal with it. You can get go on and watch Heroes with commentary if you live in the US the rest of us just have to do without.

As I was on the train I was reading a story about Emma Watson with two guys apparently vying for her attention at a series of parties. I can remember reading a story of MuggleNet of her winning the young actress award in some magazine basically as a good role model and not one of those young starlets who go off the rails maybe they spoke too soon. One of the boys was that guy from Stormbreaker an Alex Rider novel which is a very good series if you want to pick it up.

See you next time.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Kyle XY cancelled!!!!!

Yeah you certainly didn't hear it here first the story broke early yesterday apparently I did a search for Kyle XY after watchng the episode 2 of the third season what a way to bring me down. Between Magda and Jaime I have no idea wat I will do when Kyle XY heads off for good but Magda should be returning to our screens for Caprica but I am not so sure if that is set in stone yet. Matt Dallas should be able to find more work I think he is a good looking guy and seems to be a fair actor compare him to how Tom Welling was at the beginning, good god man! The difference is acute.

Anyway RIP Kyle XY.