Wednesday, February 18, 2009

OHMIGOD - Kyle XY is off da HOOK

=o) I know it is a silly title, nevermind. I am up to Kyle XY Season 3 Episode 6 and all I can say is WOW WOW WOW and I am not taking about gaming here people. The last episode blew my mind and had me blowing my nose from all the crying. The writing has stepped up after lagging a bit in the middle for me anyway. I remember the first few episodes when things where just getting started with Kyle walking around naked and learning to pee which was hilarious stuff as well as his first interactions with the family especially the kids.

Now we have things moving along nicely especially tonight with the huge confrontation goodness that took long enough to come along didn't it. I still can't believe it is ending and so very soon too. I just hope the stars from here go on to other successful shows. I want to see Magda and Jaime regularly on a top show and heck I hope the guys do well too.

So moving on mostly looking forward to Heroes Episode 3 of Fugitives, once again with Heroes in full swing I just find myself being the question questions questions guy but to be fair I get to head over to the forum and talk about my theories and theres and debate why I am right, which I hope I am more than I am wrong =o) I also want to see Burn Notice now that it is back but I will have to wait.

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