Friday, February 13, 2009

Well well well

Not posted in awhile so sorry for that it has been cold and snowy but mostly cold.

Just been seeing some more about Zimbabwe it seems to me that the world just forgot after Tsvangirai decided to try and make a go of things with Mugabe which was to me the wrong mistake but I do not believe that the international community gave him much choice and now his minsters are being imprisoned again yet we can go into Iraq and Afghanistan because we can't ignore people in need, well that is what the Western leaders would have us think.

Now at the moment I am trying to sort out some broadband, living in the UK you would think that it would be fairly straightforward but when you add in that I don't have a phone line at my penthouse suite :o) and things get very interesting. If you need a phone line installed (i.e. there was never a phone line or the line was stopped) it will cost at least £100. Then you need a broadband provider who nearly all want you to have a BT line which is great when a BT line costs £140 to install with a 12 month contract at £10 a month, I am sorry I don't own my place and I could be gone in 6 months or even less so why am I going to sign up for a year. I am hardly the only person in this predicament it is just so stupid it makes my eyes hurt.

I will update you in a couple of weeks to see if I will ever achieve broadband speeds.

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