Monday, February 16, 2009

Too much blogging?


Still no Heroes on the horizon it seems which is a shame the first two episodes are EPIC and could do a lot to revitalise the series in the UK although not sure if it needs it here compared to the battering it takes in the US from time to time. Personally I think the BBC should be striking now while the iron is hot and going with the big name international TV show to help their ratings.

Kyle XY

Still ending I am afraid it will be on in the US tonight. For me it is still all about the Kessie ladies and gentlemen. Also last episode was excellent and featured no Amanda too had me crying like a baby for most of it.

Burn Notice

Sneaked back onto the scene. If you didn’t know this is a spy story with a difference with Michael Weston as a spy who gets “burned” (losing all his standing within the covert world) and his quest to find out who sold him down the river. It is now in its second season and going strong. From what I have heard it is critically acclaimed hopefully that does not mean it will get cancelled soon.

The Shield
Coming back to UK screens tonight (unless it was already on a Satellite channel and I was not paying attention) still it is definitely worth a watch so I will be tuning in and maybe eating a pasty.

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