Friday, July 22, 2011

Oslo and the coverage

So Oslo is trending across Europe at least on Twitter after two seemingly linked terrorists attacks in Norway one actually in Oslo and the other at a island 30 miles away from the capital. It seems to be a bombing at some government offices and someone pretending to be a policeman opening fire at a Young Labour Party of Norway Summer Camp. The death count will undoubtedly keep on rising so I won't post one on here just head over to whatever news provider you trust (or the one you least hate given recent events). My thoughts go out to everyone affected by the attacks there.

This goes to show you tragic as it is how a real story fares up against this madness involving the press, the police and everything else.

The news coverage was getting into the inappropriate, you can almost imagine the reporters asking if anyone had seen people blown to pieces by the blast and then enquiring "And how did it make you feel?". I find it interesting that everyone else only seems to now realise how thoroughly nasty and unscrupulous press can be. The public at large seems to draw the line at hacking the phone of a murdered girl but I tend to think obtaining the medical details of a young person against the wishes of their parents just because his father happens to be the Prime Minister is way past the pale.

Anyway you don't need me ranting about the press. I'm off to post some auctions on World of Warcraft to make fake electronic money.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

  • Your favourite Blogger is currently on a vacation of sorts having to use the time or lose it.
  • I'm currently getting into the new summer shows like Teen Wolf, Leverage and Alphas
  • Financing are challenging to say the least trying to get my way out
  • Missed out on a chance to see Alyson Noel during her European tour because of finances.
  • Thinking about starting a business though with no money it might prove challenging.
That is a bullet pointed summary of what I have been up to except I guess for the World of Warcraft stuff which included losing a spirit beast to someone doing the rare kill achievement. Annoying but then consider it was a guild mate who killed it and things get rather annoying. Other than that it has been the grind to do PVP. If someone had told me how much time it would take me to do it then I probably would have had another 3 month break to be honest but now I am more than halfway there with around 2.3k resi on my shadow priest. In theory I should get some honor back due to the well known issue with the season 9 gear being changed to honor then replaced after a week but I certainly am not counting on that.

We shall see, we shall see

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

True Blood and The Southern Vampire Mysteries


So we're two episodes in to the new run of True Blood and already we can see how the writers have begun to further define the differences between the True Blood and Southern Vampire universes. It is bad in some ways that clearly we (those who read the Southern Vampire Mysteries) won't get to see certain big events that I for one would have been interesting to see on screen. We do have some references to the book series but these are just names. Like in the case of Luna who was a spy for the supes placed in the Fellowship of the Sun who helped Sookie out.

So anyway let us move on to the series itself Janina Gavankar is awesome, it is good to see Sam involved in a storyline that is not entirely angst ridden for once and with a clear separation between him and Sookie which for me is a good thing because the puppy dog eyes thing can become a bit tiring after a time. Deborah Ann Woll is excellent as Jessica reflecting something that we don't see in the books, a young vampire struggling to adapt to everlasting undeath.

The other characters like Jason, Hoyt, Lafayette and Andy are also moving forward in engaging storylines that I am eager to see develop. I'm Shaft and I'm totally addicted to True Blood. Thanks to shows like True Blood, Leverage and hey even the likes of Teen Wolf the summer is no longer the preserve of crap TV.


There is a UK Comic Con style event next month which will have Alyson Noel as a guest (not to mention an appearance by Karen Gillan apparently) someone who I would like to meet but I fear I won't have the necessary funds to go and attend. Plus after doing some further research it looks like she is there on a Sunday which makes it near impossible to get back from and paying out for an overnight stay is just not an option. Sigh I thought getting a job would mean that I would be able to do things like this.