Friday, July 22, 2011

Oslo and the coverage

So Oslo is trending across Europe at least on Twitter after two seemingly linked terrorists attacks in Norway one actually in Oslo and the other at a island 30 miles away from the capital. It seems to be a bombing at some government offices and someone pretending to be a policeman opening fire at a Young Labour Party of Norway Summer Camp. The death count will undoubtedly keep on rising so I won't post one on here just head over to whatever news provider you trust (or the one you least hate given recent events). My thoughts go out to everyone affected by the attacks there.

This goes to show you tragic as it is how a real story fares up against this madness involving the press, the police and everything else.

The news coverage was getting into the inappropriate, you can almost imagine the reporters asking if anyone had seen people blown to pieces by the blast and then enquiring "And how did it make you feel?". I find it interesting that everyone else only seems to now realise how thoroughly nasty and unscrupulous press can be. The public at large seems to draw the line at hacking the phone of a murdered girl but I tend to think obtaining the medical details of a young person against the wishes of their parents just because his father happens to be the Prime Minister is way past the pale.

Anyway you don't need me ranting about the press. I'm off to post some auctions on World of Warcraft to make fake electronic money.

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