Saturday, December 27, 2008

Wow Stuff

World of Warcraft drives me mad at the moment. Any time I log onto my Shadow Priest who is currently hearthed to Dalaran I get a might frame rate of 5. Yes 5 it is like swimming through drying mud everytime I go there which has rather put paid to my PVP work at the moment, which is a shame because I would really like the PVP Helm to aid this whole mad rush to 80.

My Priest

Generally recently my framed rate has been rather dodgy recently which unfortunately meant I have had to change my interface to low graphic settings. Now my frame rate is around 45-50fps which is nice and quite flowing but the lag and the fact that I have no effects working tends to make things less fun somehow.

I know it is taking awhile for me to get to 80 but my new line has not been installed yet hopefully that will soon be dealt with. I hope. Really I do.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


This is a little section about the animes I am currently watching.
At the moment they include but indeed are not limited to:

These are currently my top three. Naruto of course speaks for itself truly a crossover success in the west with a load of DVDs and video games across the platforms. Bleach is probably just behind it but none of its games have been translated yet apparently. Naruto is the story of a young ninja at a ninja village and his maturing through missions and trials and making friends and enemies along the way. Vampire Knight is decribed as from the female-oriented genre of manga turned anime shows, for instance like Card Captor Sakura if you are a real anime geek. I could see why that is indeed the case but how the Japanese aim cartoons at women is entirely different from how the West does it, all you need to do is compare this with say My Little Pony Tales.
That leaves us with Kidou Senshi Gundam 00. Anyone who knows anything about Japanese cartoons should know about Gundam, off the top of my head it must have been with us for more than 20 years and is probably one of the most well known animes ever though likely not as well known as Transformers.
So basically if you wanted to get back into Anime or you had a little money set aside or some new DVDs you could do worse than picking up the first season of Vampire Knight (without the Guilty suffix) and Kidou Senshi Gundam.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Duality, Duel, Dual

Heroes' and its ever changing mid season cliffhanger. I tend to ask myself if the name was really that important but you know how studio types are. Still the episode itself was pretty good I mean Ando finally getting powered up he has served the fans well and it is time to see him outside of Hiro's shadow especially with all the weird, wacky and to be honest sometimes ill advised changes to Hiro's character that have come up this season.

I am happy with the end of the Volume though for awhile there it certainly did have me worrying, all that Sylar/Petrelli stuff feels like I have lost time that I will nbever get back pondering whether or not they were related. Listening to 10th Wonder didn't help though as they constantly compared Peter's, Sylar's and Arthur's abilities.

I will probably touch on this again in a bit but for now I am going to check on the Heroes forums I visit.

YouTube and High Street Banking

Darn evil banks. Just today I found out about a lovely new rule from my Building Society that said the new minimum for getting money out of the counter service is £30. What a joke I am sure the last time I checked this was my money but apparently I am mistaken in this belief. Combine this with last week when they refused to change a Northern Irish Sterling note to something more usable and you won't be surprised that I have seriously considered moving my non-existent funds just on principle.

In other news my poor YouTube channel has died a death do to a silly incident with e-mail recognition. So all that was has been lost and must be found again. Still it gives me a chance to take it in a new direction and make up some new videos which though will probably not generate a lot of views and/or subscriptions but will mean more to me in the long run.

Hmm this was short wasn't it.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

3/10 thats not good people!

That is how I assess things personally at the moment. 2 years on the scrap heap and jobs are drying up according to the news. I think I chose the wrong industries to work in. All the jobs seem to be advertised just because they have to be and seemed to be filled internally which I did see from time to time and heard about just by being within an organisation but I never knew it was to this level. That and the feminine bias towards the jobs in this industry and I do wonder. And if you think I am moaning and I should get on with it then get off my blog this is why it is here to vent about some things.

Still I am not giving up but the jobs are indeed getting harder to come by even just for applying for things though that is more of a time of the year problem then necessarily the global economic crisis. I need a job something to bring me back into a more routine way of life at the moment I am just drifting and I can't stay like this much longer.

I still have some hobbies that I get on with, several blogs on a wide array of subjects, writing stories and of course doing the whole forum and discussion thing online mostly Heroes in that case.

New Year

Well I am hoping that my Internet problems will be resolved by the new year so that should help in a number of ways and definitely will help to reveal the boredom. It also makes applying for jobs from sites much easier too when you are not worrying about the site crashing halfway through an eight page application.

Other Rants
Girls who are taken should have to wear T-shirts. Perhaps a bit autocratic I know but then maybe we can compromise and they can change their damn facebook details to reflect the fact would definitely lessen truly uncomfortable moments.

No Heroes and other TV reviews this time I am too upset about other things keep checking back though Heroes pauses for the Winter break soon so I will definitely be discussing what I think about the first half of the season.