Saturday, December 20, 2008

Duality, Duel, Dual

Heroes' and its ever changing mid season cliffhanger. I tend to ask myself if the name was really that important but you know how studio types are. Still the episode itself was pretty good I mean Ando finally getting powered up he has served the fans well and it is time to see him outside of Hiro's shadow especially with all the weird, wacky and to be honest sometimes ill advised changes to Hiro's character that have come up this season.

I am happy with the end of the Volume though for awhile there it certainly did have me worrying, all that Sylar/Petrelli stuff feels like I have lost time that I will nbever get back pondering whether or not they were related. Listening to 10th Wonder didn't help though as they constantly compared Peter's, Sylar's and Arthur's abilities.

I will probably touch on this again in a bit but for now I am going to check on the Heroes forums I visit.

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