Saturday, December 20, 2008

YouTube and High Street Banking

Darn evil banks. Just today I found out about a lovely new rule from my Building Society that said the new minimum for getting money out of the counter service is £30. What a joke I am sure the last time I checked this was my money but apparently I am mistaken in this belief. Combine this with last week when they refused to change a Northern Irish Sterling note to something more usable and you won't be surprised that I have seriously considered moving my non-existent funds just on principle.

In other news my poor YouTube channel has died a death do to a silly incident with e-mail recognition. So all that was has been lost and must be found again. Still it gives me a chance to take it in a new direction and make up some new videos which though will probably not generate a lot of views and/or subscriptions but will mean more to me in the long run.

Hmm this was short wasn't it.

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