Tuesday, July 19, 2011

  • Your favourite Blogger is currently on a vacation of sorts having to use the time or lose it.
  • I'm currently getting into the new summer shows like Teen Wolf, Leverage and Alphas
  • Financing are challenging to say the least trying to get my way out
  • Missed out on a chance to see Alyson Noel during her European tour because of finances.
  • Thinking about starting a business though with no money it might prove challenging.
That is a bullet pointed summary of what I have been up to except I guess for the World of Warcraft stuff which included losing a spirit beast to someone doing the rare kill achievement. Annoying but then consider it was a guild mate who killed it and things get rather annoying. Other than that it has been the grind to do PVP. If someone had told me how much time it would take me to do it then I probably would have had another 3 month break to be honest but now I am more than halfway there with around 2.3k resi on my shadow priest. In theory I should get some honor back due to the well known issue with the season 9 gear being changed to honor then replaced after a week but I certainly am not counting on that.

We shall see, we shall see

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