Wednesday, May 13, 2009

She can't take much more of this Captain!

MPs Expenses
Not news unless it is actually illegal and I suspect around 90% of it isn’t. Yes it is ugly and shows off the negative aspect of people using power for their own advantage but no worse than the excesses of premiereship footballers. We have Pakistan threatening to implode with things not much better in Afghanistan. I think it was 10 pages in whatever newspaper broke the leak. 10 pages! Really is that how peaceful and serene the world is now? I should be able to put my feet up and stop worrying about our impending doom. Funny though today in the House of Commons to have the speaker talking so passionately about the right to privacy, just wish the MPs would have paid more attention to that in the past.

Obama and the cover up
So much for change people as the President steps in to prevent the release of more images of prisoners being abused by American soldiers. Once again citing the danger to American military as the reason behind it.

Personal Note: I find myself watching X-Files and at the moment and it is amusing how often we see Mulder and Scully running from men with guns. They’re the FBI surely they are supposed to be running to those kinds of people. From X-Files we move to Fringe which is a truly awesome show just thought I mention that.

And why is Twitter down for goodness sake. Internet isn't free people.

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