Saturday, July 31, 2010

2 Mini Movie Reviews sort of in honour of Comic Con

I finally settled down and checked out 2 movies that are comic book adaptions they are very different in style but both quite popular anyway let us get on with it.

First up Kick-Ass I come with this with some background knowledge I read the original comic book series which I would easily give 9/10. The movie is pretty good but there were a number of changes from the comic book series that I disliked and I felt pandered to the Hollywood need for happy endings above all else. That is all I can say without going all spoilery. It keeps most of what made the comic great in it but you have to understand the comic is mega-violent in a way that you hopefully will never see on TV I for one couldn't take it and I wouldn't want teenagers seeing it. True Blood is about as violent as I can take without stopping the show and doing something else.

The acting is Kick-Ass is good all around Hit Girl is a revelation and Big Daddy is pretty damn funny too as a whole the plot moves along nicely and I will admit that it probably is helped by the screenplay changes that have been made. If you had a rental voucher or a £10 to spend on a night in with some buddies then you could do more right than wrong by going with Kick-Ass as one of a double header that said for me it takes an awesome comic that hits hard and pulls no punches and changes it into a damn fairy tale.


Now on to Watchmen this time though I was not lucky enough to have read the original series so know compare and contrast this time. I heard a lot of good things about the director so I thought I would give this a shot after all V for Vendetta wasn't terrible. For those with only a small understanding of comics Watchmen seems to come from a whole different place it certainly isn't Spiderman for instance but for those more in the know will know that comics have been going to a dark place for decades it is just that they tend to take longer than the more mainstream to make it to film.

The movie is pretty good, the pace keeps a geek like me interested not sure if it will work on the non-comic fan but by this point you should know what you are queuing for I mean you don't watch Passion of the Christ and expect no religion do you? Anyway my particular tip pay attention to the fight scenes they are very well produced for a US film, compare it to the choreography in Batman Begins and maybe the rest of you might notice how sucky the fight scenes in that over rated film are.

You Smallville fans will of course see the similarities to the Total Justice storyline (which just crawled its way onto UK screens this week) and that is what the original story is based on - The JSA itself I mean. Basically if you like comics sit down and watch this film, if you like a action film with a thriller twist sit your ass down and watch this film, if you have a pvc fetish... well you get the idea.


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