Tuesday, June 15, 2010

iPhone already pre-ordered out?


All day I have been reading twitter statuses of people bemoaning the Apple site falling over and failing to deal with the number of requests for pre-orders for the iPhone 4. Later apparently the site just stopped taking pre-orders for it entirely. Now personally I just think it is all part of the Apple plan for conquering the universe. In this case it is just to whip up a hype storm though others disagree. Hey personally I’m no fan of the iPhone but I can understand why people might want to go down that route. My issues include the formerly exclusive network deals which lead to all manner of rip off deals and the hefty price hike when it came to the UK which was just a bad joke.

People are losing their minds over it. Perhaps though to be fair if I was in a nice settled job with a decent income I would be more caught up in the wave of consumerism but I’d probably rather a Nokia x6.

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