Saturday, June 26, 2010

Just stuff

So it is Friday evening around 9pm and I’m settling down to watch The Mentalist on Channel Five. My day has been ok not too much in the way of pain and I got myself some beverages, which is always appreciated. Amanda Righetti is one of the most beautiful redheads on TV she plays Van Pelt on the aforementioned The Mentalist. Other than ogling those of the flame haired persuasion I recently found out about some job applications I sent out unsuccessfully I am afraid so it is time to get back on the proverbial horse.
Have you checked out Castle yet? I kept on seeing the ads for it so I thought it was worth at least checking the pilot. After all Nathan Fillion is quite a charismatic screen presence (I only saw Serenity not the series myself) I must say I was impressed the show is instantly catchy. Stana Katic makes a great foil to Nathan and the two of them have a lot of screen chemistry and Castle’s family are great whenever they are on screen too.
I have been voting for people on Television Without Pity and one of the categories was something like best bad ass and I had to go for Michael Westen of Burn Notice. The link is there if like me you follow the tweets of an actor or actress and want to show some love. However considering Burn Notice I find it hard to believe it started on the USA Network, I mean is it just me or is that show a how to for terrorists or enemy agents. It is more like a university class than a how to guide, it tells you how to turn a microwave into a bomb in broad sense not a step-by-step guide. The show is also damn funny far more than a lot of so-called comedies out there

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