Thursday, June 10, 2010


My first love in terms of interest is pretty much TV I think with books quickly gaining ground and not in front only because I can't find a damn House of Night fan (preferably female, cute if possible) within 60 miles of me. Anyway before those two vied for my affection music was always pretty important to me especially for that like 3 years or so when I used to DJ regularly.

I do not often write about music it can be a damn controversial subject if you doubt that try looking on the profiles of teenagers on any social networking site who proudly list (often in paragraph sized chunks) their favourite bands and then decry anything outside of that narrow sliver of musical creativity as either crap or artistically bankrupt.

I sort of turned my back on music in the sense of the modern stuff. Too much of this my music or no music stuff is about at the moment and without satellite stations the lack of choice as to what genres and styles you can follow led me to take the initial step back. My music choices are somewhat eclectic I used to join in on most trends around me like when Garbage blew up in a big way in high school and after that the move into Nu Metal but lately I tend to not follow the trends. I must be getting old or something.

I find Lady Gaga frustratingly catchy for the most part but I can’t say I am constantly playing her album. To name a few of my more random likes, well random when compared to my peers I would probably count things like my love of soundtracks. I played the first two Ally McBeal albums to death and beyond. Then came the initial Buffy The Vampire Slayer album I do love my TV show tie-ins I guess. Later came Once More With Feeling that I often used to sing around the house.

So while I am not once again all about the music I thought I would highlight a few songs I listen to or used to lose to endlessly in the past. Usually the common sense thing would be to link to the music video in question but thanks to YouTube and its foolish rules that is denied to me as a UK resident so I will try to link some covers or live versions instead.

Dunno what I will talk about next so stay tuned.

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