Saturday, February 9, 2008

Random round up

Back once again people sorry about the wait. First of does anyone want a chicken strip? No… they’re spicey. Hmm more for me then, anyway on to it. I live in the UK I think it says on the side and the mood of the nation right now is well just a little bit down. Actually a LOT down. The economy and the mortgage rates problems are really starting to scare the public and have an actual effect too like in America the amount of repossessions are up. You take that and couple it with Northern Rock and we are lucky that they are not rioting in the streets.

People are talking about recession not that it affects me my main concern is procuring full time employment which in my view is just a s hard as it always has been. Slightly annoyed too had to turn down some part time work as the people who wanted it done called me the morning of, to somehow get to the place of work which is 40 miles away in around half an hour which was just stupid.

I’m still waiting to here about a job I applied for I will definitely be mailing them on Monday. It is a joke how companies treat people who are just trying to get a job, I was told that I would be informed regardless of the result 2 weeks ago and nothing.

This girl is going to be huge.

That’s enough of the negative, recently I have been just beginning to see past the surface of YouTube. Getting involved as much as I can without ay decent equipment, I have been branching out from the mostly Harry Potter related stuff that I look at to some music artists and the 5awesomegeeks channel.

ZOMG! Shaft is on the TV.

Not with Richard Roundtree at the helm but Samuel L Jackson. I caught it myself awhile ago it is an alright film, very different from the original but hey times have moved on.

Anyway that is enough for now.

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