Saturday, March 21, 2009

Kyle XY Finale

Kyle XY Finale

It was pretty damn awesome. It didn’t play like a finale which I think is a good thing and obviously symptomatic of the fact that Kyle XY got cancelled before the writer’s had any real chance to rap things up. If I had to describe what the episode felt like then I would compare it to the autumn break the halfway in a season where things come to a head.

We got a decent feature from everyone really except for Hillary. Declan shows us he is more than a failed jock and really pitches in. The final battle was… well epic is a word I would use and that twist at the end was something that I certainly did not see coming and it stops just at the moment where you are crying out for more. Even though things had been incredibly serious in this arc this episode as well as the rest kept in those humour filled moments to help balance things.

I was reading an EW article (just the article BOOOO to EW after savaging Heroes for no reason) and I think they are right in that Kyle XY despite its strong sci-fi themes did the family stuff best and allowed for shows like Greek and the Secret Life of the American Teenager to get out there. Unfortunately the viewers hadn’t stuck and the show paid the price.

I doubt I will ever find a show quite like it again and it follows in the footsteps Surface, Threshold and Firefly as those that have gone too soon, why is it always the sci-fi.

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