Friday, March 27, 2009

Girls - A Mystery wrapped up in an Enigma

So I was going to talk about girls in this post then I realised that I really don’t know enough about that particular subject to be indulging in any blog rants so instead I will be talking about women and me as that would seem more sensible. First thing first I never quite understand why people can be so set in their ways regarding types, you know the people who say they like a very set image of their ideal partner. From the picky, “I like tall blonde guys with muscles” to the just blame dumb “I only date footballers” it never ceases to amaze me how small minded people can be about something that could be as important as the person you spend the rest of your life. People need to get over themselves and take a look around.

Now an insight into the enigma that is me, I’m peroxophobic which means I’m scared of blondes (it is not a real word). I blame university and all the scary blonde girls there, not that they were scary looking indeed quite the opposite, which more often than not led to all sorts of problems. So now I generally find blonde girls to be very intimidating, my friends find it hilarious me not so much.

I often think about the difference between Antiguan and British girls apart from the racial makeup. I am not really in a position to comment though I was too young to fully appreciate it. And besides that I think most will agree that British women defy all explanation.

Well that is enough about that to think this whole idea surfaced on the my contention that sisters are often both hot but men can only notice one of them at a time to prevent our heads exploding.

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