Monday, March 30, 2009

The Death of News – All thanks to the BBC

Over the past few days on the BBC the lead news story has been pornography. Yes pornography no not them waxing lyrical about the effect it has on our youth, society or bandwidth costs no, all because the husband of the home secretary claimed expenses for it. That story bumped Militants attacking a police academy in Pakistan, it bumped the ongoing story of the takeover of the major Scottish building society Dunfermline by the UK government.

This is getting beyond a joke people when there is so much wrong with the world, scratch that too negative – there is so MUCH going on in the world that we cannot spend our time endlessly staring up our own collective noses tugging on these stupid pointless stories. This is the dumbing down of our society, come on between near blanket coverage of Jade Goody and now Madonna’s newest adoption controversy. The BBC is a public service broadcaster how can this tripe be in the public’s interest.

Bah I apologise for bringing you down I suggest heading over to who often has a refreshing take on news.

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