Friday, March 13, 2009

Here we are

I really don’t know about the BBC’s recent coverage of the recent killings of military and police personnel in Northern Ireland. I don’t know what their game is when interviewing Sinn Fein members they have been incredibly confrontational and trying to almost insinuate that they are somehow in league with these attackers. This is a time to tread carefully and I find myself questioning their treatment of their interviewees. This just seems to go along with my recent realisation of the BBC’s hand in manufacturing the news as opposed to what they should be doing which is simply reporting on it.

Speculation, speculation and more speculation it is like the early episodes of MuggleCast scratching around between the book releases. Whenever something tragic occurs around the world the BBC seem to pick at it like scab until it starts bleeding. There has to be better ways to report the news then just to rush in head first and make all sorts of accusations with nothing to back them up, there was a time at least I thought there was when investigating was all about the facts.

OK that was HEAVY. Onto lighter subjects now just happened to catch two episodes of 8 Simple Rules with Amy Davidson and Kaley Cuoco looking absolutely sinful. I really wonder where that show was aiming for having Kaley parade around in outfits like that, that girl could trigger puberty at 50 paces and Amy was even hotter in my opinion though very, very tiny. It is odd to think she is older she just has those cherubim good looks I mean wow she is nearly 30 o.O

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