Thursday, March 5, 2009


Thinking back now it seems almost silly that I did not expect that to happen. Kyle XY keeps going from strength to strength even if 3.07 was maybe a little slow the next episode definitely made up for it and two play together incredibly well. Again it is such a shame that after I viewed those two episodes it hit me that there are only two more episodes left. Jaimie and Matt are awesome in their scenes together it is really great to watch.

There is a campaign to keep Kyle going which you can find out about here not sure if it will work though. Jericho worked for an extra season after a huge campaign but then died a death again. Maybe we can work for a few movie specials to tie up the series in the right way. If we are really lucky we could get a season as a result of the global economic downturn - Sarah Connor Chronicles got renewed because it was cheaper than greenlighting a whole new series.

Get to watch some Heroes later so that should be full of awesomeness. C ya.

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