Sunday, April 5, 2009

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Project update
The prep work is going well as I am for a number of prepared entries before the site goes live to make the initial launch go smoothly. Maybe next month I can think about a launch but we will have to see.

The protests were interesting I remember back when watching the coverage of the protests in Italy for a similar meeting thinking how would we do it in the UK. Now of course feel free to disagree with me but wherever you see legitimate protestors you will see fakers. By fakers I mean government sponsored often off-duty policeman that dress up as protestors and orchestrate flare-ups in order for the police to go all riot control and take more extreme measures against the crowds. No don’t get me wrong there are protestors out there whose main aim is to cause a little destruction but more often than not in these high profile protests when the world’s eyes looking on they get a helping hand from these provocateurs.

Of course that is my opinion I could be wrong.

Televisual Entertainment
So many of my favourite TV treats have recently come to an end, Kyle XY finished up for good a few weeks ago, BSG is now finished but I have yet to catch the last few episodes but it is winding down well, as good a resolve as the Peacekeeper Wars was for Farscape.

Still following Heroes, Smallville and Fringe with Smallville being by far the most disappointing of those shows if not all the shows I have been watching this season. I wonder about Dollhouse I am a huge fan of Eliza Dushku and I wish that Tru Calling had lasted a little bit longer for me it was an interesting show.

In terms of UK TV, Primeval is back and looking good at the moment, I have to agree with a critic I heard on Five Live that they have gone for a real big budget blowout approach to the series and it is different to the previous 2 series, I think this is all in an attempt to fight for ratings so you can’t really blame them. The hope of course is that this new direction doesn’t ruin the series for those of us who bothered to tune in from the beginning.

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