Saturday, April 18, 2009

Patch Me In or should I stay with WoW

World of Warcraft it is a big deal.
Anyway 3.1 came out this week the first new content patch since the new expansion came out. The result is new areas to explore and newly implemented features and a lot of the millions of WoW players coming back to sample the new stuff. The bad news is that the servers can't handle that many people online at the same time. Also factor in the fact the servers running the realms are divided into North America, Europe so on and so forth so basically all the players tend to log on at much the same time.

Add in a crappy Three Mobile dongle (don't even bother with them) which I am now thankfully about to cancel and WoW can be a very stressful undertaking indeed. Well I am not entirely sure whether or not I will leave WoW for awhile or be able to set about getting a phoneline sometime soon so just keep your eyes peeled for more details.

In real life news this week has been good for finding jobs so been filling in the mind numbingly pointless application forms. I mean what is the point I could understand if there was an actual difference between the information requested by the forms and what can be found in my CV but no it is just rewriting something you have already done.

Don't even get me started on interview questions. NO DON'T.

Anyway that is goodbye from me

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