Wednesday, April 8, 2009


My thoughts go out to the people of L’Aquila in Italy recovering from the earthquake. At last check 91 deaths and 1500 injuries had resulted from the powerful earthquake. Anyway that is enough from me you can read about it here.


Look at this from Obama
I don’t even know how many years too late this has come sigh especially after listening to an American ranting about Islamic Extremists and refusing to countenance that there is any such thing as Christian Extremism. All this happened on Radio Five Live’s Up All Night program on the 4th April after 1am with Dotun Adebayo. I can’t remember exactly how it started but it really kicked off. I apologise because I cannot find a clip my internet connection won’t even facilitate be opening the BBC Radio Five Live website. Hopefully later I can edit it in.


Just watched Smallville Series 8 Episode 18 and it just goes to show that one of my many contentions about Smallville remains valid this far into the shows run. That contention is that you never manage back to back awesome episodes it just does not happen. I have also realised that Smallville is like the new un-updated Buffy The Vampire Slayer – full of standalone dross with little to know character development plot development and arcs that are more like straight lines. Any and all the storylines usually account for 4 or 5 episodes and the rest is 80% filler with a little character exposition at the end of the episode like this one.

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